Who am I ?

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I’m creating this blog page to expose and voice my opinions and views or certain things raw and unfiltered.

I say what I want , when I want , my information is 100% accurate no lies nothing exaggerated, as I said raw and unfiltered.

I will addressing controversial and diverse topics this blog page will not be boring.

I won’t disclose my name or identify , to you in JANE DOE and till further notice it’ll stay that way.

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We won’t we won’t fuck YOU🖕

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Tell the world what you’re made of

Does what I wear matter, does me wearing provocative clothing gives you rights to touch , is me not being ready for a child at this very moment give you the right to take the right of choice away from me ?

The Criminalization of Women’s Bodies Is All About Conservative Male Power, The goal of the wave of anti-abortion laws in America is to put female sexuality under strict and brutal state control. It won’t be long till they make this a global law and honestly I’m scared.

Being a women is scary and not even that we are looked down upon as if we don’t hold no substance or can’t contribute to the earths rotation or anything that doesn’t involve cooking or cleaning.

Even if abortion ends a human life, forcing a woman to give birth against her will is worse. No state should be empowered to do so at the point of a gun, just as no state should be empowered to kidnap a person and drain off pints of their blood so that someone else can get a transfusion. That’s the course of action that’s morally equivalent to this clenched fistful of misogynistic laws-in-the-making.

We are not disposable , in fact let’s play your game.

Heads up

Menstruation is the only blood that is not born from violence, yet it's the one that disgusts you the most"

I can’t speak for all men but I will speak of the some, what is your issue ?

Periods can smell , can hurt, change moods & just increase everything in either positive or negative ways as not all women’s periods are bad.

Stop scrutinising women for something they didn’t ask for but something we deal with so please for the sake of humanity shut the fuck up and deal with our mood swings and chocolate cravings



DISCLAIMER🚨Before you read this punctuation, grammar will not be 10/10 because this text hits home and I’m speaking from the heart....

For the racist white folks in the world who make our lives hard listen up📢 in the back, this ones for you.

The struggle of being a black male or female it’s hard it’s been hard and it still is & God knows why but It needs to stop and we need to start making change immediately.

Every day a black person wakes up they fear for their lives they fear today may be the last day they breathe or see their family again because you racist white fuckers can’t stand us.

And hear me when I say this I love white people I have no problem against no race no culture nothing but I have a problem with the minority who turn their back on us and treat us like we are an abomination to this is existence

Please answer me this why does our skin colour scare you so much and how does it affect you?

Because if you really want to play this game we black people can turn around and say we are scared of you white people because we’re scared of the fact you might attack us with your meth needles or try rape us then dispose of our bodies in a forest etc because majority of white people look like paedophiles and are unseasoned fuckers....

You see where I’m going with this? we can be just as heartless as you guys but we aren’t because us black folks spread love & It pains me the fact that we are still suffering from something that happened years upon years ago and here we are now facing it all over again. now it’s not only gonna get worse but you guys are trying to wipe us out when we’ve have done nothing but live and breathe the same air as you & if that affects you so much then god help me what do we do....

Watch the YouTube video below to educate yourself


What is wrong with you

I’m sorry but we’ve given a man power he does not need , we’ve given a man power to destroy this country . We’ve given a dumb dumb control over us.

With renewed focus on his career as a commentator, a raft of offensive insults deployed by Boris Johnson have come to light again this general election.

The decades of remarks, uttered in public office, scribbled in columns and penned in novels have returned to dog the Prime Minister, who has been hesitant to apologise when pressed by journalists.

The comments that have come up during the election campaign include remarks accused of displaying of racism, misogyny, antisemitism, Islamophobia, classism and homophobia, written when he was aged 30 and beyond.

Here’s a list of some things he’s said

Working class men are ‘criminal’ and ‘hopeless’ (1995)

Lower income families produce ‘unloved’ children (1995

Women have a ‘natural desire’ to get pregnant (1995)

Islamophobia (2007-2018)

Antisemitism, the n-word, misogyny (2004

The list goes on...

My question to the people who worships this ugly F**k... was who dropped as a baby?

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling: ‘The only disease right now is the racism that we are fighting’

Raheem Sterling has given his backing to the anti-racism protests gripping the world following George Floyd’s death in the United States. The 25-year-old Manchester City and England striker insisted racism is “the only disease right now” and said he will continue to speak out in the hope it will contribute to lasting change.

Sterling has previously challenged the British media’s perception of black players and taken a lead in calling out racism in both the domestic and international game. Last year he counselled fellow professionals against walking off the pitch in the event of racial abuse and has also called for the establishing of a player-led anti-racism task-force.
Sterling believes it is now time for the talking to develop into change in order to go further in banishing the scourge of racism from sport and wider society for good.

Honestly in my opinion there will be no change , if people don’t wanna change then why are we trying hard to enforce it.