twenty four

Every year, I greet my birthday quite half-heartedly. Mainly because I react awkwardly to the attention it attracts. Though it has always been appreciated, this year I want to deflect the attention for my 24th this week towards 7 organizations, 7 causes, and 10 local businesses who deserve it. Please join me in supporting them. Hopefully, many of you will react to this request with a full-hearted, "yes".

Thank you and swipe on 💛


Instead of a card, write letters and sign petitions below:

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Enter your information to send a pre-written email to Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, KY demanding the necessary reform of his Louisville Metro Police and, more importantly, the arrest of the police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor.

Justice for Amani Kildea

Amani Kildea was from Long Valley, NJ. He was an activist in exposing child predators and would have been a rising student at James Madison University to pursue a career in law enforcement. On 6/28/20, Amani was found lynched in Morristown, NJ. Without much investigation or evidence, his death was ruled a suicide. There are people from his county trying to prevent a further investigation. Sign this petition to make sure his case does, in fact, get the proper investigation he deserves.

Justice for Vanessa Guillen

Copy & paste the provided message onto a linked form that will send a letter to your Senator and Congressman. You will be requesting that both the U.S. Senate and House Armed Services Committee further investigate the Army's involvement in Vanessa's assault, murder, and disappearance.

Protect International Students

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program of ICE has declared a new rule targeting international students enrolled in schools that only offer online courses for this upcoming Fall semester. If a student can't take an in-person course, they are forced to either transfer to a school that does offer these courses (which is near impossible at this point) or to return to their home country at the risk of not being allowed back into the U.S. Pushing these students to travel in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic on top of the countless financial distresses this situation imposes upon them is unjustifiable. Please sign this official White House petition to ensure our international students can stay and secure the education they deserve.

Protect Immigrant Families

Send a pre-written letter to Congress regarding the current treatment of unaccompanied migrant children. Let's demand for policy changes that release detained families together, protect children at the U.S. Border, and provide them with attorneys at the face of deportation.

Junk Terror Bill

Philippine President Duterte recently signed the Anti-Terror Bill, putting his citizens' human rights at stake. By enacting this into law, the government's definition of "terrorism" is stated so vaguely that they ultimately take away the freedom of speech while violating the right to privacy. The consequences of violating such law could further be unimaginable. By using a suggested "dummy account", email your message of choice and challenge legislators to rightfully amend the law into better protecting its people.

Dear Healthcare Heroes

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities, let's continue to support our healthcare heroes working the frontlines. Write them a positive message of encouragement and gratitude for their dedication and sacrifice.

Senior Citizen Pen Pal

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, elderly adults who live in assisted care are no longer allowed to have visitors. Keep them company through snail mail! These North Carolina-based centers provide you with information on how to boost their spirits during this lonely time.