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Alpha males, stunning heroines, baggage full of wits, humor, and thrilling dramas, the Twin Bliss Resort, a picture-perfect destination surrounded by the waters of Gobota Island, is the perfect getaway for a romantic vacation...or so it seems.

Haven by Timi Waters

She's autistic; he's gay. A marriage of convenience seemed like the perfect plan. Until it wasn't.

Tyrell Alagoa, a die-hard romantic, only believes in one thing—loving the right woman. When he found his missing piece in Janelle Lafayette, he wasted no time beginning plans to seduce her. Then he discovered she was not only engaged to be married to Ahmed Gusau, a northern billionaire and influential politician, but Ahmed also had a burning grudge and an unsettled score to even out with him.

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Delight by Glory Abah

Destiny has failed in many things but she is not a quitter. When an opportunity to research a new business idea during an all-expense paid High School reunion to Gobota Island comes her way, she grabs it with both hands. Unfortunately, Rotimi Daramola, her high school nemesis turned popular singer is going to be there.

Rotimi has always loved Destiny, even though she views him as her worst enemy during their high school days. The trip to Gobota Island is an opportunity to win her heart. Will he be able to turn her hate into love?

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Euphoria by Jessica Tagbajumi

Duncan Dugo, a charismatic, driven multi businessman with his fingers in many pies across the world.

A trauma from his past has him dependent and addicted to things best left alone.

Carmilla Grey, the beautiful, confident, and demanding girlfriend of Duncan desires commitment and stability but her flippant attitude may just have become a thorn to her own needs.

Together, the couple go on an adventure at the luxurious Twin Bliss resort situated in Gobota Islands, but will the tides of the past and Duncan's randy habits pull them apart?

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Paradise by Rosemary Okafor

A vacation to twin Bliss Resort is all Muyiwa needs to strip herself of the lies she calls marriage- her celebrity husband is not worth the five years she has already given.

Lucas is not a one woman man. Getting married to Muyiwa is a mistake he plans to correct soon.

It takes the flirtatious eyes of another men on his wife and the jealousy that almost tears Lucas to pieces, for him to realize that he still loves her so much and has to reclaim her heart at all cost.

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Escape by Margaret Adetimehin

An escape from reality becomes so real, it threatens the ideal.

When her work husband chooses someone else, Lola the Brand Guru, finds herself heading to the exotic Twin Bliss Resort to lick her wounds. Arriving at the tropical resort and seeing all it has to offer - luxury, fun, and the added bonus of handsome rich men - she changes her plan.

Recoiling from his fiance’s betrayal, Onahi buries himself into trying to resolve the conflict of interests brewing at the Twin Bliss Resort’s boardroom and to complicate matters, its sacred grounds.

A chance encounter brings Onahi and Lola together as he tries to unravel the puzzle of why a stranger is occupying a villa reserved for his old friend.

Sparks fly and they both get more than they bargained for

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Rapture by Mobolaji Olanrewaju

Asher Fabian will trade anything for peace of mind. An unknown force existing long before he was born wants something from him. The solution might lie with a mysterious young woman.

Sappirah Wilson's wants to leave a legacy for her twin brother, Lishan. Asher seemed the perfect candidate for her plan. Can she achieve her plan with the help of the legendary marula?

Sparks fly and there is sizzling passion. But time, fate and an unknown foe from the past become obstacles set to keep them apart forever.

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Pleasure by Timi Waters

Izonbou, the fiercely competitive daughter of an oil baron, believes her father IS a misogynist. She wants and will prove to him and the board - she is the best person for the CEO of Dexter Petroleum.

Falling in love with a man is a distraction she isn't interested in pursuing, unless it's sex with no strings attached.

But the heart has a way of getting in the way, especially when it's intentionally gunned for by Dexter’s suave Head of IT, Rasheed Adams.

Ecstasy by L. Leigh

Melody is ready to begin a new chapter in her life, so when a colleague pulls out as the keynote speaker at a prestigious medical conference. She jumps at the opportunity to take over. The organisers grateful for bailing them out, throw in an all-expense paid vacation at the luxurious Twin Bliss Resort.

Femi an award-winning screenwriter and author is looking forward to his time alone at Twin Bliss - securing finance for his next blockbuster project and reflecting on his past. An email arrives which makes him question what he wants, as the trouble and drama he ran from follows him to Twin Bliss.

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Twin Bliss Resort

Getaway from the world

Located in the heart of Bodo Town, surrounded by waters of the renowned Gobota Island, come getaway from life's hassles.
We pride ourselves with the Island's best source for roasted plantains and fish but have a wide array of dishes on the menus of our restaurants.

Breakfast at the Gobota Specials, dine under the stars at the Harlequin Nights, try your luck at the Eclipse Casino, known for making the rich, richer. It's all a part of being in Bliss.

25 minutes aways from the Silverline International Airport, we take you to another world where everything good happens to those who believe and even those who don't.

Guess what? You are our lucky charm!

Choose from our luxurious rooms and villas, with a long list of activities you can partake in;

The Eclipse Bar
The Eclipse Casino
The Eclipse Nightclub
Swimming Pool
Tennis Court
Safari Tour
Scuba diving
Cycling tracks
Private Beaches
Private Dinner
Conference Rooms
Board Rooms
Dining under the stars
Champagne on the beach
Touching senses
Water Sports
Helicopter pads

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