We like to capture little details during your sessions that you may think is not important; such as flowers, signs, decorations, etc.
The reason we choose to make sure we do this, is so the whole session/special day is captured to remember and cherish in your photos forever.
We will always go out of our way to capture the little things!
The ‘little things’ are especially important during engagement sessions, weddings, and graduation days! We don’t want anything left out that you can’t look back on!

Here is our gal, doing what she loves!
We will always do everything we can, to our best ability to keep your kids giggling, to keep you comfortable, and to make sure you have fun during your session.
We always love to chat a little bit ahead of time about your photo shoot to have a better understanding on who you are, and what type of look you are going for during your session... If you are ever unsure of what you are wanting, thats fine too! We can discuss that, and give you a mix of all we offer.
Unsure of what to wear? What to bring? Where to have your session, no problem! That is what we are here for! We will help you make a decision on all of those, and will gladly help you pick out outfits from photos you can send to us, and we gladly offer outfit changes during your photo shoot!

Women Supporting Women

Calling all women!
Do you want to have a fun photo shoot with your closest gal pals? Well! I have an empowering photo session for you. My Women Supporting Women session, is to help show you your true beauty. Being a woman is very difficult in today’s day with society constantly having unrealistic ‘beauty standards’ due to magazines and such.
This session will help you feel how beautiful you really are, and you will leave the session feeling powerful, and like the gorgeous woman you are!

This session was tons of fun.
These beautiful women came to the session not knowing what to expect, as it was their first session with me for them all.
All that I requested, was that they all wore black... I was unbelievably happy with the turn out from this session. They absolutely rocked it!
We giggled the whole time, told stories about our bodies, we told stories about how people have made us feel bad about our bodies, and when we have felt proud of our bodies. Each woman took a photo and expressed what they are most insecure about in said photo. They all explained how powerful that photo itself was, when they received their gallery.

Do something for you.
Book a session.
Bring your friends.
Share stories.
Express yourself.
Have fun.
I promise you will leave this session feeling beautiful, confident, and incredible.

Make it about you!

Spice up your photo shoot by bringing your own props that show who you are, what you enjoy, include your hobbies and passion! Your session is all about you! We want you to feel as comfortable as you can! Whether it is in a body suit, lingerè, sports jersey, you name it- bring it/wear it!
This part takes a large part in why we love to chat with our clients prior to their session. It helps us, help you! It gives us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have without you even having to ask them! Most questions, are common questions! We do our best to include them during our conversation, but sometimes we may miss out on touching a certain topic! Never hesitate on asking a question! We love to help, and we want you to come ready to rock, and feeling comfortable/confident!

Outdoor Fun:

Are you wanting photos of you on your quad, or dirt bike? No worries! We got you covered! Not only do we do that, but we love doing these types of photos!
We would be honoured to help capture you doing my something you love, or your hobby...that way, you’ll be able to keep these memories forever & you will be able to look back at them!
These types of photos have a large variety of edits that we are able to do. Our portfolio for outdoor sports and activities is quite large, so! Head to our Facebook page, to see more!

Maternity Photos

Why are maternity photos important, you may ask? Well! We believe they are just as important as new born photos. This session, is recommended to take taken near the end of your pregnancy. These photos will allow us to show the world the beautiful glow of pregnancy, the love between two humans who have created one, and... Baby bump photos are always wonderful to have to be able to look back, and cherish forever.


The location is totally up to you!
Unsure? That’s okay too! We can help you with that. After a chat between us, we will help you decide where is best! Lighting, backgrounds, and your own interests! Those are things we put into consideration upon choosing a location. You always want to choose somewhere that is special, a place you enjoy going, or somewhere that you just can’t help but be in ‘awe’ whenever you are there!
Outdoes, indoors, its all about you!


Don’t worry about how to pose!
Don’t hold regret not booking this special session because you aren’t sure how to pose, because guess what!
That is our job as a photographer to tell you how to position yourselves! We want you comfortable, and confident!


Do you love your vehicle?
Did you put endless amount of hours into it, to have it look the way it does?
Was it handed down to you?
Are you proud of it, and want some photos of it to hang up on your walls, to post on social media, or to simply just have? Well! Look no further...
You have come to the right place!
Not only do we love to photograph vehicles, and have a large interest in doing so, but we have plenty of experience attending car shows when asked upon request, to snag photos of all the hot rods!
Interested? Let us know!


You can find us snapping photos of vehicles at car shows, and at booked sessions!
It is quite often difficult to have a ‘cool’ background at a car show, and if that is a look you are going for, you may want to book a private session. You can even invite your pals, and have their vehicles join in on the photos!
We attend quite a few of local car clubs and meets, but we do have to add our logo onto the photos for business purposes; however. If you are wanting to purchase a photo of your vehicle from a car show that I have taken, send me a message and for a small fee, you’ll receive your photo without our watermark!

Are you wanting some self portraits? Whether it is your your personal reasons, social media or whatever it may be- we are glad to help! Our main goal for self portraits is to always make them fun, and show who you are! Forget those boring close ups when you feel like you are having a school photo taken! We will make it fun, and incorporate who you are as a person!

Thinking of getting self portraits? This is your sign! Do it!

Milk baths for babies:

Milk baths are such a fun way to get relaxed photos of your little ones.
These photos are perfect for a first birthday session, rather than a cake smash- or both!
We are able to do a variety of different things with milk baths, which makes it that much more fun! We suggest using fruit, as it gets the little one more involved in the bath, due to the taste of the sweet fruit, and texture! It keeps them busy, and they aren’t paying attention to us with the camera, but more so to the fruit in the bath!

These sessions are always so much fun, for the babies, and even for the parents! It’s such an awesome feeling watching your little one discover different textures, tastes, and such!

However, milk baths are fun at any age- not just for first birthdays! But. We will only do these sessions with your baby/babies providing they are able to sit on their own without any help/support.


Welcoming your little human into the world is truly the most exciting thing!
Not only do we offer in home sessions, but we include the whole family in these sessions! These sessions often take a while longer than regular sessions due to the newborn- we do our best to make sure the baby is asleep or at a rest when we capture photos of them alone.
During these sessions, we ask you to make sure you have a special blanket on hand, family treasures, family traditions/culture objects on hand for these photos!

When is the best time to have newborn photos taken?

We highly recommend having newborn photos before the newborn is 3-4 weeks old!
Why? Because this way, it is easier for the little one to fall asleep with a bottle or being breast fed; making it very possible to get those super cute poses you want while baby is having some shut eye time!
Missed that period of time?
That’s okay too! We can still do our best to get the shots you are wanting to get, along with more family shots.

Outdoor boudoir:

Outdoor boudoir is always a fun, and sexy way to connect with your body, in nature. These sessions will have you feeling brave, confident, beautiful, sexy, and powerful!

What to wear?

Absolutely anything your heart desires! Whether it is a T-shirt you feel comfortable and confident in, lingerè, underwear and your favourite bra, a sports jersey, jeans and a jacket, we will have you feeling GREAT during this session.

Who picks the location?

This is totally your call! Where to go, and what to wear, and everything in between is all up to you! This session is all about you!
If you are unsure where you want your session, thats fine too! We are glad to help you choose! You explain us the vibe you are going for, and we will help you create that!

What if I am nervous?

Don’t sweat it! That’s normal!
That’s okay!
We recommend if you’re feeling anxious, try standing in front of a mirror before you come, and try a few poses! Move your body around, see how you feel comfortable and most confident!
Want to bring a friend to help calm your nerves? Do it! We would love to meet them!

What are the purposes of these sessions?

These sessions can be used for body positivity, help with body image, help you feel as powerful, beautiful, and confident as you truly are!
These sessions can be a gift for yourself, or even to a special someone!

If you are doing these session to help feel confident, and such; I promise you that it is so worth doing! You will leave your session feeling incredible!

Do the photos get shared online?

Only if you wish! If you’re cool with all of the photos being posted on our pages and website, then yes! But if youre only wanting certain ones posted; those are the only ones that would be posted.
Not wanting any posted? Totally fine too!
The photos are your photos! You make the decision on that!


What else can you say!

Weddings are incredibly special for so many reasons. Your loved ones come together, to celebrate love, and passion... and bringing family and friends together because of your love!
During weddings, we cover bridal portraits, bridal party photos, groom portraits, groomsmen party photos, the whole wedding party, family, extended family, and of course... the newly weds! Amongst all of that, we do make sure we capture the details! Always so important. Take a scroll here to see!

We love a typical, classic group shot, but! We also love to spice things up!

Getting ready:

These photos are just as important as the first kiss!
You will want to be able to remember this busy, and fun filled day forever.


Prior to the ceremony, we will capture photos of the jewelry! Which means... RINGS (of course )
And necklaces, bracelets, watches, anything either party is wearing!

Wedding party:

We love the classic photo for this group shot, but! We also love to spice things up, and make sure these photos represent you! We will have you laughing, doing silly things, and by the end, your cheeks may hurt from smiling!

Special Occasions:

Did someone say ‘HALLOWEEN’

We love Halloween just as much as any other special occasion!
Want a fun way to get together with your friends, and take some photos? Well! This is for you! Dress up! Laugh! Have fun! Be you! Be silly!

We love a good dress up party!

Here you have a great group of people who are on their way to a wedding social- for Halloween! How awesome!
Halloween is such a fun time of year, for all ages!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Name a better way to bring in a birthday, than a photo session that is ALL about you!
No matter the age, this is fun!

A birthday session is always a total BLAST!
However, we do require a little, tiny bit of work from you before the session takes place! Don’t worry, it isn’t too heavy of a work load!
We do ask you have a quick conversation with us prior to your session! We will ask you a few questions about yourself, hobbies, favourite colours, how old you are turning, and such... that will help us plan your birthday shoot to the perfect extent!

Upon booking your birthday session, don’t forget to tel us it is your birthday & that it will in fact be a birthday session! You will receive a discount on this session!
How old do you have to be, to do this?
Oh goodness! Any age at all!

Send us a message if you would like to know more about us, the work that we offer, or our prices!

We look forward to working with you!