MOMents in Reality

The chaos of life can be beautiful

Hey! I’m Bridgette— a motivated twin momma doing her best with all of life’s chaos through the reality of raising twins and being a full time working mom

Reality of life is that 9-5 grind while balancing motherhood and a successful career is draining and I forever felt like i wasn’t good enough. I never believed there was another way! I told myself that I didn’t have the right resources or i wasn’t good enough. I worried about what others would think! Reality: I am enough and others deserve to be told they are enough too.

I never knew I could feel so empowered by helping other people go after their dreams. I decided tot ale the leap and go after my real vision — saying yes to financial freedom, and helping others do the same!

I said yes to something scary in order to turn all of my dreams into my reality. I stopped putting limits on myself so that my true reality could be fulfilled. I truly believe we were made for more than working for someone else’s dream and its time to make our own dreams or MOMents in reality♡

There’s room for you, friend. Open up a conversation with me and let’s chat. I’d love to make your dreams a reality to!


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