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Instock : Black basic square neck crop top

Brand new in packaging instock

Left 1, rl pic when worn
$22 mailed for fast deal
non negotiable thanks

S(uk4): ptp 60cm, length 40cm

Judith is uk 6 and wears size M

Made of premium soft cotton. Material is stretchy. Size up for this.

Instock : Samanli Bubble Charcoal Mask

All Instock, $15/box { 1 Box = 5pcs }
10pcs $25
All including tracking delivery 🎀


Looking for a good and affordable mask? Look right here!
Introducing Samanli Bubble Masks 💭

All you need is 15-20 minutes of your time to enjoy these benefits :
✨ Intense skin hydration
✨ Radiant skin
✨ Oil control
✨ Reduce dark spots / scars
✨ Reduce redness
✨ Minimize pores
✨ Anti-oxidant & Anti-aging
✨ Cell regeneration

Pamper yourself now 💆 Everyone deserve a pat on their back with a flawless face. Let us be beautiful together.

👋Bye bye Dry Skin
👋Bye bye Expensive facial treatments

🤷Why Samanli Bubble Masks?
Samanli Bubble Cooling Mask is a one - step sheet mask made from bamboo charcoal which is effective in shrinking pores and deep cleansing. Oxygen Bubbles stimulate the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and deeply penetrates the pores to thoroughly cleanse dirt while maintaining moisture and hydration.

The unique formula in Samanli Bubble Cooling Mask reacts with oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles when you place the mask on your face. The foaming bubbles help to exfoliate skin gently and helps to create a smooth and radiant complexion.

Benefits of using the mask!
✔️ Cleansing - Remove dirt from the surface of the skin and drawing out impurities & toxin and pollutant from the pores
✔️ Exfoliating - Remove dead skin cells and sebum to prevent build up and acne from breaking out. Help makeup and skincare to penetrates and absorb well to prevent makeup from being cakey.
✔️Moistures & Hydrates - Guranteed Cooling sensation to help cool down skin and soothe skin , hydrate skin water level.
✔️ Brighten & Even Skin tone - Brighten up skin tone by boosting circulation to the skin.

👍 Ingredient Properties:
⚪ Centella Asiatica
⚪ Bamboo Charcoal
⚪ Goat Milk
⚪ Vitamin E
⚪ Beet root
⚪ Licorice

🤷Am I suitable to use?
- This mask is a alcohol free and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and acne prone skin and eczema skin.

🤷How many sheet of mask does one box contains?
- 5 Single Mask Sheets

Instock : Oudao Hydrating essence

$18 each syringe including courier delivery
Authentic, with QR code
50 Instock

Is your skin feeling dull , dehydrated and uneven ? GERBAYER 水光芯 is here to save your skin. Why do you need Hyaluronic acid ? When you reach the age of 25 years old Hyaluronic acid began to lose. At the age of 30, 65% of young skin was left. Insufficient Hyaluronic acid causes skin’s ability to hold and lock water, causing skin problem like dryness, fine lines, uneven tone and fullness. GERBAYER Hyaluronic water a smear-type water is rich in Hyaluronic acid that helps in replenish moisture , improve skin moisture retention ability and solve the problem of dry skin, uneven tone and fine lines. Ingredients: 1) Yeast Extract: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant 2) Ascorbyl Glucoside: optimal antioxidant, even out skin tone 3) Rhamnose: anti-Aging, soothing and anti-inflammatory 4) Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Skin moisture 5) Nonapeptide: even out skin tone by lessening hyper pigmentation 6) Hyaluronic Acid: Replenish and retention moisture, smoothen skin and fine lines