A B O U T // M E

Hey, hey lovelies!

So I figured I’d use this page to introduce myself, as well as my partner and our children. I’m Natasha — A young homemaker from Adelaide, South Australia. And I started this Instagram as a way to document our daughter’s cute moments which then lead us to supporting some small and handmade, yet beautiful businesses. Along the way we planned and gave birth to our second child, a baby boy.

I’ve been with my partner, Bryson, since 2014 and together we have been through the ups and downs of life, given life to two children plus an angel and have miraculously survived 4 house moves!

I gave birth to our daughter [Ellianah Jai] in 2015 and we recently had our baby boy [Axel Reid] in September 2019, which works out to be 4 years and 2 months between them. The little bond they hold brings tears to my eyes and laugher to our bellies.

As a family of four my goals have always been to raise our children gently yet wildly full of love and laughter.

A little more about myself: I have a passion for interiors and am currently studying a diploma to become an interior stylist, however since uptaking Instagram I have started a wild fire in my heart to pursue photography as well. I hope to one day have my own business offering styling and design services as well as a on the side photography business capturing the beauties of family photography.

If you found your way to this page then I just wanted to say thank you for finding us interesting enough to read about and we hope you continue to follow our little journeys that we pave. Also don’t forget to swipe right for our discounts and other links.

Stay wonderful