Who are we?

My name is Hannah Edwards! I started a small sticker business called Chai with a Shot that is based in a small town in Wyoming! (Where’s that?!) 😳

I started Chai in December which finally got started the beginning of January. I was so nervous and excited that I didn’t know where to begin!

“What content should I make?”
“Do I need a theme?”
“What if no one likes it?”
“What happens if no one supports me?”

I decided to take a leap of faith and just DO IT! I was so worried about what other people were going to think that I forgot why I was doing it in the first place... because I know I can succeed!

I have a wonderful husband who supports me every step of the way and three crazy but amazing dogs who always get in my way! But what would I do without them? 🐾🐕‍🦺

My husband, Floyd, quickly joined my side and we decided to change the name to something
that was meaningful to the both of us. We chose Two Faced Gemini because 1. We are both Gemini’s and 2. We both love astrology/horror/anything that is considered a little bit “different”.

Our content contains many different things. I know this is a complete risk but our life is filled with so many different themes that I would feel more chaotic only choosing one! We also believe we have little something for everyone.

Need a boost with a motivational quote? Got that.
Need an uninspiring quote to fit your mood? Got that too.
How about something funny? No? How about something more serious?
What about spooooky? 👻

Check ✅ check ✅ and check ✅

We are learning new things every single day (if not every minute) about how to make our small business better and better! We couldn’t be happier working together and sharing our creativity and our hard work with all of you! 🖤