About Me

Living a colourful life with Type 1 Diabetes

Hi there! Jenna here from sunny North Queensland, Australia. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 19 and created typeonevibes to connect with our amazing online community.

Making Diabetes look beautiful through art is close to my heart. Any of the prints you can see on my Instagram page, you can order by simply messaging me or scrolling through to the end card of this site 😊

Remember - "We must embrace the things in life that we cannot control". Xxx

How to order a print!

So you've found the ONE?!

Hi! If you've found the One to match your type One, then jump onto Instagram messages and send me a chat ☺

In your message don't forget to send me a screen shot of the print you love, or send me a photo of yourself that you would love converted into a line drawing.

Don't worry, I customise all diabetes devices in images, becuase what works for some folks, doesn't work for others 😁

Why don't I have an online shop? Well becuase I love meeting and talking to new people. It makes sending a print so much more meaningful 💙

Please note, that all prints are sent as digital downloads to your email. Customers will be asked to send their email address to make payment via PayPal also.

I look forward to chatting with you xx

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Diabetes paired with Starsigns

My diabetes Devices

Did you guess them?

I'm a Dexcom G6 and Omnipod Dash fan girl!

I've been using CGMs for about 5 years now and have mixed it up between the freestyle libre and the dexcom. However, since the G6 got brought out, I fell in love with the no calibration lifestyle and I've never looked back.

I was on MDI (manual injections) for 9 years as I personally wasn't a fan of tubed insulin pumps, so I chose to keep injecting for most of my diagnosis. That was until the Omnipod Dash got launched into Australia! I was one of the first people in Aus to try the Omnipod Dash and could instantly see why it was such a big game changer in the diabetes tech pool and I've grown to absolutely love it. Going from MDI to an insulin delivery system can be a headspin for the first few days, but in an instant I felt like I was more in control.

If you have any questions about my devices, don't hesitate to send me a chat 😁 x