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Hey! Thanks for checking out my website! My name is Tyson Hockley, I am a Social media influencer based out of Victoria BC Canada. My goal is to inspire,uplift, and motivate through the content I share. I post nature/wildlife videos, and other videos I think add value.

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My YouTube channel is packed full of videos that you will find funny, heartwarming, and informative. I strive to provide value, and make my channel not about me, but about my subscribers. My channel is an engaging and community building place to hangout, and enjoy some videos.

  1. The Most Amazing Barred Owl Encounter Ever!

  2. Dogecoin Diss Track (Official Music Video)

  3. Kayaking With Adorable Baby Seals!

  4. My Latest Podcast Episode

My Podcast

The Tyson Hockley Show

Welcome too The Tyson Hockley Show! I am your host, Tyson Hockley. On this podcast I discuss whatever is on my mind, I also plan on having some guests in the future! Be sure to subscribe to The Tyson Hockley Show on YouTube, and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

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