What is the strand HUMSS?

What makes up in your mind?

HUMSS or The Humanities and Social Sciences strand is one of the academic tracks of senior high school in the Philippines. This strand focuses on oral communication, media and information, and enhancing your reading and writing skills. There is a lot of research and presentation involved in this strand too. Careers that usually stem from HUMMS include journalists, teachers, lawyers, writers, psychologists and even priests! In the end HUMSS students can only offer the best of service to humanity.


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If you are in the HUMSS senior high strand, here are some of the courses that you can end up taking in college.


Whether it be for elementary or secondary education, if teaching is your passion and the career you aspire to have, then you have made a good move in choosing the HUMSS senior high strand. This college course allows you to learn strategies to help students learn more efficiently and effectively, while excelling in the classroom.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts students focus on all facets of communication from reading to writing and speaking as well as listening, from written works to conversations and projected media. If this is something that interests you, careers that result from finishing this course are widespread ranging from broadcasting to public relations, graphic design, writing, marketing, advertising and so on…

Social Studies and Political Science

Social Studies is the study of human beings, be it in the form of anthropology, archaeology, law, psychology, politics or sociology. Political Science on the other hand (you guessed it) is the science of politics and understanding it. Careers you can get out of these course branches include being a politician, lawyer, legislative assistant, charity officer, social worker, psychologist, and the list goes on…

Journalism or Creative Writing

What’s the difference between the two? Journalism is grounded heavily on facts and current events. If you like reading, writing and watching the news and being the first person to report an event or piece of information to your friends and family, journalism might just be the right course for you. On the other hand, creative writing is less grounded on facts and leans more toward fiction and art, stemming from your imagination. If you have a wild and free imagination that can be easily translated onto paper, creative writing might be more on your alleyway.

History, Philosophy or Literature

Like Communication Arts, these three courses fall under the Liberal Arts category. Whether you be interested in the study of historical events, philosophical viewpoints and arguments, or literature and humanities, these courses all focus on reading, schools of thought, analysis and interpretation. If these are topics you enjoy, you can easily excel in a Bachelor of Arts degree in any one of these courses.

These are just a few examples of the doors that open for you when you take the Humanities and Social Sciences strand of the K12 track. It is best to start taking note of what you enjoy doing and what drives you, as well as keeping an open mind and researching your options to enable you to choose the right college degree that may one day lead you to the career of a lifetime.


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