Get to Know Me

Hey y’all! Thanks for taking the time to checkout my milkshake.

My name is Alyssa Prescott, but I also go by Ali. Born and raised in Harlem NYC and now currently residing in Georgia. I am a boy mom of the cutest little toddler, girlfriend to the most gracious man, and a millennial to the core. I did my Bachelor’s at Syracuse University Class of ‘19. I’m a Sagittarius so you know my love for traveling and adventure is very strong. I’m really happiest when I am on the beach with the sand in my toes, mixed drink in hand.

I’m very passionate about my hair and skin and the maintenance that comes with it. Doing my big chop in Oct 2020 has helped me learn how to style my hair, grow my hair, and aid my hair. Whereas my skin journey has been trying for years. I’ve always had acne-prone skin since highschool. It was really bad during puberty but now I get breakouts here and there from other factors like eating dairy or stress.

This is part of the reason why I started my business. I’ve tried a lot of different products in the past but Monat has been the only thing that consistently has worked for me and that’s why I feel compelled to share it with everybody.