Atiyya (uh-tee-yah)

And Though She Be But Little, She Is FIERCE!

Healthy hair and skin makes me feel very confident and confidence is the key. Being able to hold your head up high gives me a whole new sense of empowerment like I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me and I’ll still be able to enjoy it without a doubt. I love getting things done and I love looking good while doing it even more. It’s one part of me that makes me feel like a Queen.

One thing I used to feel great about was my hair. That was before I started damaging it. For years now I have struggled with my mane. I used to color my hair so much that it got weak, finer and dull with never ending split ends. My confidence was hurt and every time I went somewhere I felt so insecure about it. Monat changed the game for me. I can walk out in the world now and not worry about how lifeless my hair looks.

As a progressing woman, healthy hair is important to me. It looks good, feels good and boosts my self esteem. It’s one of many factors that help your self confidence. Another factor is healthy and hydrated skin. So many beautiful women are using it and have flawless skin without having to use makeup!!

Stay Beautiful! Inside and Out!