Urban Judge - Presenter & Director

Hi, I am Urban Judge, I am the Executive Manager of Youth TV; Television for Young People. I started Youth TV with Michelle Papworth (my co-presenter). We applied for some funding to run The Show and cut a long story short we were awarded the money to run The Show since then we have interviewed TV/Film Legends: Fred Dinenage, Becky Jago, Angela Griffin, just to name a few. We are also interested in the community and talking to people about what they do in their day to day life, we have spoken to Fiona Spargo-Mabbs from the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation which was setup after her late son, Dan, passed away from taking the drug MDMA, who is a regular on our shows and we love talking to her, her book ‘I’d Wish I had Known’ is moving and informative, I do encourage you to purchase it via their website: https://www.dsmfoundation.org.uk/more-information-for-parents/i-wish-id-known-fionas-book/.

I love what I do at Youth TV, I have done bits and bobs for other organisations which include Social Media Marketing, Filming and Editing it for final review by the boss.

We are lucky enough, here at Youth TV, to be supported by Groundwork East, their input into The Show and other Youth TV programmes is crucial for us to grow and improve our programmes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you would like to get in touch with me then please do contact much valued PA, Emma Russell by emailing: Emma.Russell@youthtv.co.uk. I would love to meet as many people, who are interested in what we do, as possible.

Urban Judge.

Antigua’s Testimony

Antigua Riley-Corion, Junior Assosiate for MutualGain

It is amazing how professional Urban Judge comes across as, at such a young age. Youth TV started as a a vision from two tech savy school kids who wanted to start a show for young people, by young people - it has grown into a peice of media we will no doubt see on a national scale within the next couple of years. Urban and Michelle are an inspirational duo, proving that creativity and ambition can open so many doors for young people in the UK.

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The Show was created to make Young People feel motivated that they can do something with their lives and try to lead them away from crime and violence.

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