About me !

made by : umbebkin

Hi ! My name is alyssa, if you didn’t already know, I am a fanpage :) I live in the uk and I’m 11, I would like to say tysm for 2k as well, but anyway ily :) tehe

Addressing things / creds !

⚠️ important ⚠️

self promo :
many people have being self promoting there
platform on my page, and I would just like to say it is getting very annoying ! I know you want me to look at your post but it really annoys me. So please stop ! I will maybe make a self promo video but please just dont do it anymore. ty <3

creds :
if you use any of my colouring please gives creds to me ! my only colouring the now is milky blossoms, so if you do not give creds then I will maybe have to block you or get rid of my
website !

colouring : my recent colouring was made by @dunkiespai ! But the colouring I am using
now is made by me so please give creds to me !

Pfp : I colour my own pfp, and edit, my current pfp is NOT edited ! I got it from Pinterest or someone on insta !

that’s all !

Colouring tutorial !

milky blossoms !!

firstly go onto 24fps and put in the qr code
( red flavour ! ) ps : I do not have that code so please search up on TikTok red flavour qr code,
next, go onto instagram and put on cat ears !
( click on the plus next to your profile, click the three little stars that look like this “✨” then scroll down and click the search icon, type in the search bar cat ears and then click this little thing at the bottom to save it and you will see it !
prequel :
exposure 50+
contrast -50
shadows / highlights -100
blur 50/25 ( optional )
Boston 25
dust 100 filter 0

and you are done :)

Colouring !

cc : dunkiespai!

first : go onto snow and click spring, then click the filter with hearts on it
secondly : go on to 24fps and import
“tak3 on m3” ( I don’t have the qr code <3 )
thirdly : go onto ultralight
click the triangle on edit and put clarity
to -7 then go to the two circles
and put pink to 10+ and red to 1+
fourthly : go onto prequel and do this.. :
exposure: -25
highlights: 100+
shadows: -100
blur: optional
filter: Boston 25
effects: dust 100 filter 0
lastly : go onto colourtone
go to collections and click
jasmines hand click marble at put it
to 1.00 <333
and your done !!


dotscr colouring <3

‘ lush ’ qr code


shadows: +50
contrast: -50
highlights: -50

sparkles #1
- intensity: 25
- star scale: 8
- star rotation: 25
- filter: 0


- marble 100%