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My Skills & Background

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Hi, I’m Stepf I have a Bsc (hons) degree in Mental Health Nursing with added qualifications in psychological treatments and nursing mentorship and have an experienced background as a Community Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

I worked for over 7 years as a Community Practitioner offering psychological therapies to people with complex and severe mental illness.

I have now left mainstream nursing to peruse a life using my psychic energy healing gifts - combined with energy healing modalities and quantum healing to facilitate the healing of others.

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6 Week DNA Activation Program

Launching 13th June 2022

Within this 6 week course you will have weekly 1-1 sessions with me working with your subconscious mind to find your trapped emotions, unconscious limiting beliefs and any energy blocks that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Together we will release all of the emotions, beliefs and blocks and I will work with both of our ‘light energy teams’ to carry out deep cellular healing which will activate your DNA, triggering your power, gifts and purpose.

The healing will continue way after the sessions come to an end and take you on your own journey of self realisation within a newly awakened reality.

The sessions included are;

Belief Coding®

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Seichem Healing with Light Language


This is a limited edition course at a discounted rate and available for a limited time only at the heavily reduced price of £333

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12 Wek Soul Coaching Program

Completely Transform Your Life

This is a 12 week coaching program which can completely TRANSFORM your life!

Within this program you will receive 12 weekly coaching & therapy sessions & in between session support from me via text or telephone to help with any issues you may encounter.

The program will be completely bespoke to the problem you want to improve or goal you want to achieve.

It incorporates a multitude of different coaching & healing approaches & modalities including, but not limited to;

- Belief Coding®
- Quantum Healing Hypnosis
- Emotional Freedom Technique
- Seichem Reiki Healing with Light Language
- Behavioural Activation
- Meditation
- Breath work
- Kundalini Yoga Techniques
- Emotional Mindfulness
- Dreamwork

It will also have elements of;

- Neurolinguistic Programming
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
- Dialectal Behavioural Therapy
- Psychosocial Intervention
- Emotional Regulation

These programs can be online or in person depending on your location.

Before becoming qualified in alternative and energy healing therapies my professional background was psychiatric nursing.

I have a Bsc (hons) degree in mental health nursing & over 7 years experience working as a Community Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner offering psychological based therapies to people with severe mental illness.

I trained in many different treatments and therapies whilst being a nurse so have lots of skills, knowledge & experience from that but feel that the alternative energy healing modalities are more effective when helping people to heal trauma, get rid of limiting beliefs & reach their goals.

I have experienced my own journey through suffering & healing so have personal & professional experience with adversity, illness & healing myself & others which I hope brings added comfort to my clients to know I have been where they are & came out thriving.

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Bespoke Starseed Soul Coaching

Completely Bespoke to your own goals

This program includes a starseed soul reading which will help you find out your galactic connections, soul purpose and remove any blocks that are stopping you from expressing your gifts and realising your full potential.

To access this program you will need to book in for a bespoke starseed soul coaching initial consultation call on the booking page.

In this call we will discuss and plan your bespoke coaching and healing journey.

Prices will vary greatly depending on how many session you want to commit to and what energy healing and therapies you want to access.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Consciousness Exploration

This technique originated from Dolores Cannons QHHT but has been updated to allow this to be done online to ‘keep up with the times’. It guides you into hypnosis and gains insight from your guides, soul family, galactic teams and higher self/subconscious mind.

If you know you’re here for ‘more’ and wondering what that ‘more’ is, Quantum Healing can give you the answers that you seek, it can also activate your DNA, true purpose, power and gifts and offer deep cellular healing.

Within the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session I use my own light language and energy healing, working alongside whoever and whatever the quantum field sends for you to aid the healing experience, it really can change your life.

You may access past, future or parallel lives and connect with your guides and soul family.
Deep healing takes place during these sessions and long after.

My clients have been taken back to Source, their home planet, the healing temple, akashic records and through time a space to other times on Earth and in other dimensions. It really is a magical journey.

Each client will get exactly what they need from these sessions, whether it’s healing, messages, guidance or clarity. Everything is always just as it’s meant to be.

If you’d like to book in for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and experience multidimensional reality yourself click the link below or book in for a free 20 minute consultation call via my booking page.

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Belief Coding® Client Reviews

See what clients think about this amazing modality

My experience was amazing!! I have never experienced anything like this before! It shocked me to realise how much stuff from childhood progresses into our adult lives from which we keep buried deep inside of us. I haven’t stopped telling people about my experience, I felt so light and amazing afterwards. I would definitely recommend to family and friends! I felt like a lot of heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt at peace inside. Stepf was fantastic, she made me feel comfortable and at ease as soon as I met her. I trusted in her which made the experience easy to relax and go with anything she said. Everything that happened was quite unbelievable, I really enjoyed it ~ Deb


The best thing about my session was going back into the past and experiencing something I never thought I could. It was a surreal experience and I felt it had a positive effect on my mindset within the same day, I felt clearer and started to set myself goals each day which I hadn’t been able to before. I would definitely have this again. ~ Kylie


Went into it not knowing what to expect having never heard of it, kept an open mind (maybe not as open as I should have) but got half way through and kind of started to doubt it a bit. However, by the end of the session, I was completely at ease and relaxed from the pain we were working on which had been bothering me all day. I felt the shift towards the end of the session. The best thing was that you were able to get results despite how awkward I was to work with. I would recommend to a friend or family considering the results I got ~ Gary


My experience was fantastic. I was afraid to eat a lot of foods after having severe bowel disease and operations. I would stick to the same foods. Since my session I have not hesitated to try new food, actually being excited to embrace food I was repulsed by! My experience has been amazing I am shocked at not only how brave I have been to try new food but at how my attitude has also changed around eating and trying new things ~ Deborah


My session with Stepf released negative emotions and coded in a new belief of being good enough. Stepf was very compassionate and competent and made me feel at ease and well taken care of. I felt much more confident going live after our session, thanks so much Stepf, truly grateful and relieved to know it worked like a dream ~ V


Physically I had been suffering with back pain that was probably brought on by a busy stressful weekend at work. My back pain felt quite strong in the middle of the session and a day or so later has disappeared entirely.

I felt a little bit emotional in the session but strangely calm too. After we had the session I felt relaxed but also very good for the rest of the day. I have seen and felt a change in my thoughts, feelings and behaviour since the session in such a short period of time. Situations since the session have reaffirmed my new belief codes that I used and there have been several instances and synchronicities that have happened around those new beliefs. It’s amazing how things are definitely changing since the session. ~ Rebecca


Working on fear of certain foods due to Crohn’s disease and coding in to be more adventurous with food. I had this weird fear and I was actually scared of ketchup for 25 years, I would gag at it. Well yesterday after the session I just dunk my potatoes straight in it, it’s massive for me that! And this morning I’ve just got out some marmite and spread it on my toast….I hated marmite! So far this it’s working ~ Deb


I really enjoyed my session with Stepf she had a really calming nature & put me at ease especially when I struggled to access my reflection. Stepf was very Intuitive & supported me to separate my reflection from me.

I was working on trying to stop procrastinating on setting up my business & the session definitely worked as the next day I got to work on my website & posting about my offerings. Thank you ~ N


I had my first ever facilitation with Stepf and she was warm, kind and very patient. I was quite anxious at the beginning of our session but Stepf was very supportive and put me at ease straight away. Stepf followed the BC structure and helped with my human compass. She also included additional tools such as visualising colours to aid my experience. Stepf was knowledgeable and calm during our session and answered all my questions. It was a lovely experience! Thank you ~ M


I would never eat anything foreign sounding or tasting (I know), I was so fussy honestly and frightened, today I’ve bought stir fry with sauces I wouldn’t dream of eating, with noodles I wouldn’t eat vegetables I wouldn’t eat, I really enjoyed it. I was allowing my partner to choose the shopping and things for dinner I was like yeah I will have that he was astounded! I’ve got my friends coming up this weekend normally I would be can we go to this or that restaurant I honestly am going to say I will go wherever and I’m going to eat the foods and I’m actually excited! I would normally be awww I’m not going! Honestly thank you ~ D


I don't think I was an easy client for Stepf as I'm going through some pretty challenging times in my personal life. But, Stepf held space for me in a really caring and compassionate way. I didn't realise it at the time, but, I have definitely felt some shifts since our session and feel so much more clarity about the direction I need to take in my business. Before our session, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and confused and it's almost like a fog has lifted. Thanks so much Stepf ~ S


Just want to say a massive WOW after my session with Stepf. It’s quite incredible and you think how can it be this quick and simple ~ L


Just had my first session with Stepf and WOW! I felt the energy shift. Stepf was so insightful and done an amazing job helping me unpack a couple of things to get to the root cause, thank you so much ~ P


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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Reviews

Client Testimony’s

“My quantum healing session with Stepf was out of this world, literally. Stepf made it easy to relax and was very compassionate. I was led to 2 past lives where we got information and messages about how they were affecting my life now, we then got lots of information from my guides who I had never been aware of before the session. There was healing done at the end which I could feel happening in my body, it was a surreal experience. Since the session I have felt completely different like the world is brighter and I feel more connected to my intuition, my dreams have become really vivid and interesting and I have felt a deep calmness that I’ve never felt before. I would love to do this again and would recommend Stepf definitely thank you again” ~ Kate


“I done quantum hypnosis with Stepf, it was really easy to relax with Stepf’s calm and confident approach. She was very patient with me and I felt really comfortable as the session started. I was dubious to start because I wasn’t sure what to expect. The session was so interesting and amazing, I went to the healing temple and was in a vast space of bright light, I had a being speak through me to give messages it was unbelievable and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Its changed my perception and my life”. ~ Rachael


“WoW 🤩 what an incredible insightful session this was with the beautiful and powerful Stepf.

I loved it from start to finish.
First I gathered up all the questions that I wanted to ask. During our session I felt comfortable and relaxed and was guided by Stepf.

I spoke to my spirit guides and some of my home planet family. I was told some profound things I am still digesting, like having lived more than a million lifetimes, being told my souls purpose is to spread the light and to work with the Yoni and free women from the masculine energy held here! (Just a small task then)!

We laughed at my guides sense of humour and it felt almost natural to channel their voices through my own.

Stepf and the quantum field performed some deep deep healing ❤️‍🩹 around my heart and other places. I feel the most relaxed I have ever felt, a deep sense of peace within myself. I am definitely going to do another session in a few months. Until you experience it through your body mind and soul you just can’t fully explain how truely magical and profound it really is 💫🌟💕” ~ Helen

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Belief Coding®

Transforming Lives, One Belief at a Time!

This is a brand new, powerful subconscious healing modality that gets to the root cause of any problem you may have. It has been seen to eradicate physical/chronic and mental illness, help people overcome limiting beliefs about themselves, gain confidence and see transformation in their lives.

This is an alternative therapy that can help you clear any imprints from past lives, ancestral lines, the womb and of course your current lifetime. This sets you free from the problems these imprints were causing, clearing the symptoms and releasing you into a life full of peace and happiness.

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Seichem Healing with Light Language

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing

Seichem is an ancient Egyptian energy healing modality that’s similar to reiki but is much more powerful and of a higher vibration. Reiki brings in the Earth element whereas Seichem brings in all other elements and heals on a much deeper level.

Seichem works on any physical or emotional issue you may have, promoting full relaxation and healing on all levels. It’s a powerful, purifying energy that shifts through ALL your blocks and clears anything in your energy that doesn’t serve your highest good.

All you will need to do in the session is lie back, relax and feel the magic happen.

I work with only the highest forms of energy expressions along with both of our guides and soul families to carry out the healing, which can include, removal of any energy blocks that are causing you problems, DNA and ‘code’ activation which can unlock your true potential, purpose and gifts (perfect for starseeds and light workers) and a cord cutting ceremony to sever the cords you may be holding that’s connecting you to people or situations from your past that you may not be consciously aware of.

Seichem can be done at a distance as this is an energy practice so time and space is irrelevant. So if you are unable to attend in person this can be done via zoom where I will tune into your energy and carry out the healing I’m this way, this is just as effective as in person.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Empowering you to manage your emotions and access your inner wisdom

Also known as Emotional Accupuncture. EFT works with the meridian system of the body, within the session you are guided to tap on the different meridian points in your energy system, which helps the flow of chi/life force energy within the body.

You will do this whilst being guided with statements designed to help you access your subconscious mind and own inner wisdom get to the root cause of your problems and release any emotional charge connected to them.

EFT gives immediate relief to how you are feeling in that moment and is a very powerful therapy and self help tool.

The amazing thing about EFT is that once you have been to a few sessions and learnt the basics you can easily use it yourself as part of your daily well being practice and self healing adding it to your ‘tool box’ of wellbeing and emotion balancing tools.

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Elemental Quantum Healing Powered by Seichem

Come on a mystical healing adventure into the world of the elements..

Within these sessions you will be taken on a healing journey to connect with the element that you are working with for that session.

You will receive important messages from the element itself about where your blocks are or where your unhealthily overflowing and how this is affecting your life. You will be given advise from the element as to how you can come back into balance and harmony to heal.

You will get guidance from your higher self and spirit guides on how to create the perfect balance of the element and it’s qualities within your body and life and learn how to fully embody control and master the element within your being.

You will be taken to an energetic healing place and given the opportunity to absorb important cosmic information and wisdom that you will be able to access in the days and weeks following the session which will help you reach your full potential.

Once we have mastered each element within our being, our lives come back into perfect harmony and empowerment.

The Elements and Their Unique Qualities.

Earth - Grounding, stability, the physical world, material matters, career, money, physical body, relationships.

Fire - Passion, creativity, inspiration, intuition, assertiveness, vibrancy, enthusiasm, spiritual awakening

Air - Communication, joyfulness, intellect, humour, curiosity, manifestation, letting go, playful.

Water - Emotions, purification, healing, wisdom, independence, compassion, fun, dancing,

It is advised to have a session for each of the elements to feel back into complete harmony.

You can book in for all 4 elements at a reduced rate. DM for more details.

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Storms of Light

My Awakening Journey ~ From Darkness to Light

I’m Stepf, I’m 35 from Sunderland, UK. I have 2 children, a 13 year old son and 12 year old daughter. I also have a little black cockapoo pooch called Bodhi & new little ‘rescue’ Pomeranian called Roo.

I have been on my spiritual journey for the past 16 years which was triggered from a lifetime of trauma, abuse and emotional pain. I encountered my dark night of the soul which lasted many years growing up and in my teenage years specifically.

I later went on to have 3 major kundalini awakenings/shamanic intimations in my 20s that caused severe shamanic illness/madness, a near death experience (NDE) and terrifying mystical experiences, the last one lasting 9 months and shattered my life as I knew it.

I have somehow managed to navigate through this darkness and terror to regain my life, light and happiness and become a much higher version of myself, as well as create a life I could have only dreamed of many years ago.

I now live a life full of unshakable happiness, excitement and awe and feel truly blessed and grateful everyday for what I have been able to create for myself.

The most important thing I’ve been able to create out of everything is PEACE OF MIND!

After being to the depths of human experience and navigating my way back to complete happiness I have absolute certainty that no matter what you have been through or what you are feeling right now, it’s absolutely possible that you can transform your life into exactly what you want it to be.

I believe my purpose here is to work with others through their own awakenings and darkness to show them the way back into the light and into a life of unshakable happiness.

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The Celestial Shaman

Starseed Activation Coaching Program

As you will know from reading my awakening and intimation story I have spent many years in very extreme circumstances navigating my way to reach my highest potential.

More recently I have been given all of the answers that I had about my purpose, my journey and why I have had such severe and otherworldly ‘illnesses’ and experiences.

I have been made aware that I’m a Celestial Shaman which until I researched it after I was told I didn’t even know it existed.

This information has been one of the most comforting and life changing information for me as it explains my whole life and has stopped my wondering about what the hell I am and why I have had to experience the horror and pain and obviously explains my experiences that I’ve never been able to find information on.

I thought there was something very wrong and even thought I had some sort of defected soul but now I know what’s happening to me and why and I would love to help others find who and what they are too. I believe from my own experiences that if you don’t don’t what or who you are you cannot fully express your gifts and step into your power.

The Earth (and the universe) needs all of us starseeds, light workers, shamans, celestial shamans and healers to be activated and living their true purpose and full potential.
It’s time to usher in the new Earth.

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What is a Celestial Shaman?

First of all what is an Earth shaman. Earth Shanna use medicinal plants, incantations, charms, stones, and ceremony to connect with spirit guides/ancestors, to produce healing, and travel in consciousness to other levels of reality. This is done in order to treat disease, clear family issues, or receive guidance on life situations.

Earth shamans are able to move in and out of dimensions while in trance or under the influence of an herbal concoction. Some are able to travel while maintaining conscious presence in the physical body.

While a celestial shaman may perform rituals, ceremonies, mediumship, and journeying that an Earth shaman does, celestial shamans work with off-planet (non-human) guides, technicians, ethereal surgeons, DNA geneticists who work with the human body template, celestial mappers, and wisdom keepers throughout the multiverses.

Celestial shamans are connected with specific (usually more than one) star groups, planetary systems, or ET races. Some may collaborate with high-vibrational beings in galactic sectors.

They open and close portals on earth and in the time-space continuum as they move through star gates that are accessed with DNA vector codes or geometric time-space codes for those dimensions.

This is why so many celestial shamans use light language symbols or sound frequencies in their work. Many celestial shamans are also walk-ins.

Celestial shamans direct energy at a quantum and universal level. Some carry a portal in their personal field or DNA that allows them to traverse galactic realms and interact with beings in other dimensions. Some are aware of themselves in other forms or simultaneous existences. Both an Earth shaman and a celestial shaman can help souls cross in and out of the Earth plane.

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