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It all started from a vision..

Why Monat?

“MONAT is fully focused on natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology, new products are continually being developed while existing products undergo refinement. As the hair care market expands to meet all hair concerns, MONAT continuously researches current trends to ensure they are meeting the needs of the educated consumer, from both a North American and global focus. An expanded MONAT product regimen focuses not only on shampoos and conditioners, but also on treatment products to address specific needs and cutting-edge styling products.”

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This lady (photo above) had brain surgery after which she started losing hair at an alarming rate. She was left with a large bald spot behind her incision on the top of her head. Her surgeon wasn’t sure if it would ever be the same. Then she discovered Monat! A month later, what used to be a bald spot could almost pass for bangs and the rest of her hair is vibrant, smoother, and more manageable!

I had a baby and at 3 months postpartum (photo above). I started to have severe hair loss due to hormonal changes (photo above). The first pictures were taken at almost the worst of my hair loss and when I started using MONAT. My next set of pictures were after 5 months on the products. I am so very thankful for these products and know it’s not hype. It gives amazing results! I’m so thankful I have my hair back. I want to shout it from the rooftops!

We are getting great results on all types of hair! This beautiful African-American lady saw a huge transformation in her hair!

Whether you're looking to bring an end to thinning hair or turn frizzy, fried strands into smooth, supple locks – MONAT has the solution you're looking for. ✨Click here✨

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“Dream BIG Work HARD Make It HAPPEN!” ✨~Therese Fisher

When you close your eyes and think about your dream life what do you see? What kind of house do you have?What kind of car?Where would you want to be located?How much money do you have? Are you living that dream right now?Now let me ask you a question.Why is that still a dream? What if I told you right now that all of that is still possible?

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“You have this opportunity of a lifetime.It means absolutely nothing if you don’t take advantage of it in this lifetime of this opportunity” ~Eric Thomas

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