Hi! I’m Melissa

I mentor women by awakening their innate power within their sexuality, sensuality and femininity

You are more powerful than you realize

You….. dear one, are pleasure personified

An Uninhibited Woman is a pleasured woman and lets nothing stand in the way of creating the quality of life she desires

I know this on a deeply integrated level because I’ve had to overcome significant loss to recreate my life as I knew it

Minute by minute, day by day

I lost my relationship without warning, becoming a solo parent to two young boys over a decade ago

Disconnected, disembodied, disillusioned and unemployed

It was within the depths of this darkness that I truly realized who I am at my core

A powerful, independent woman who transcends any obstacle in her way by following her heart, intuition and pleasure

Successful, soulful and sexually liberated

A woman who lives life on her own terms

And I want to invite you into this new paradigm……….

I am currently offering an intimate 1:1 container for a transformational 3 month immersion for the woman who wants more

More pleasure

More connection

More joy

I would love to guide you through your journey


Pleasured Woman Calls

This 3 call offering is a great starting point to gain insight on inviting pleasure into your life and living in your fullest expression as a woman

I want it


3 Month Bespoke Journey to your most empowered, erotic and embodied self

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Expansive Pleasure for Long-term Lovers

This 5 Week Program starts June 24th 2021 at 12pm MST

Hosted on Zoom with a private Facebook group to watch the replay, share your discoveries or ask any questions between calls

Week 1: Desire - We discuss low desire and how to reignite the sexual fire in long term relationships

Week 2: Sexual Shadow - How societal conditioning has narrowed our view of sexuality and how to broaden your horizons

Week 3: Sensation - Reconnect with your sensuality and pleasure through exploring your body, adult toys and different types of play

Week 4: Erotic Flow - Daily lifestyle choices and embodiment practices to fuel your sexual energy

Week 5: Communication - Tips to creating an open and honest dialogue with your partner to enhance your sex life together

Investment: $99