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Are you pregnant or a new mom? Then you’re in the right place!

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I’m Jenny Morrow, a mom, neonatal nurse and founder of Unique Footprints. I created my company in the delivery room - literally! As a neonatal nurse, I was able to see glimpses into my patients lives while assisting with deliveries and postpartum care. I directly witnessed maternity patients who were not prepared for birth or the transition into motherhood and I knew there was a better way. These moms had prepared but had gotten their childbirth and parenting information from unreliable resources that did not reflect best scientific evidence and these families were SHOCKED.

As a mom I want to be a vessel of hope and support for you and your family.

The Unique Footprints team are moms and we believe in “moms supporting moms” and our mission is to fill the gap expecting families are faced with today.

What is Unique Footprints?
Our fully guided, 100% digital preparation program is more than a book, class or event. It teaches you all those skills you didn’t even know you needed.

What you get:
-A FREE Gift with Purchase
-Pregnancy Food Guide
-Prenatal Yoga + Labor Endurance Exercises
-Prenatal Psychology to de-stress
-Tranquility Tools
-Birth Prep with Birth Plan Tool
-Newborn Care + Sleep (birth to 3+ years)
-A Faster Postpartum Recovery Guide
-FREE Bonus Content
-Social Community Moderated by RNs
-Customizable Courses
-Fun Sheets
-One-on-One Access to Experts

We’re Moms, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Nurses, Dietitians, Counselors, Lactation Consultants, Infant Sleep Coaches, Occupational Therapists, Childhood Development Teachers and Prenatal Yoga Therapists on a mission to bring health and happiness to moms and our little ones.

*Unique Footprints is the first 100% digital pregnancy and new mom program endorsed and clinically vetted be the American Pregnancy Association.