The Essential is invisible to the eyes - Saint Exupery

Universe Petals by Fernanda Murphy

In life we tend to look for things outside of ourself and not to connect with our inner self; it becomes a cicle, making us distant to the best things that life can offer.
I work with Tarot and holistic therapy as a source of light to help people in their journey with love and respect.

Quantum Psionic Table

This is a new type of energetic treatments and works by frequency through dowsing and radionics.
💫The Quantum Psionic Table is a board with symbols of sacred geometry and is manipulated through mentalistic dowsing.
It is indicated when you are interested in putting strength in areas of your life, harmonizing your aura, put the energy up,, reach vitality and much more.

The session is attended by video call by Google Meet or Skype.
Duration: around 90 minutes
Price: 45€
Payment by Revolut, PayPal or AIB.

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Tarot Reading by Video

Why shoud you consult the cards??
— If you want some advice about your relationships, work, spiritual life...
- If you want to understand someone's intention or a place energy
- if you are interested in self knowlodgement and self awakening
- if you feel lost and is looking for some good and positive energy
- if you are curious about Tarot

Check the ONLINE sessions available:

In this reading you have an overall reading from some areas of life + you can make multiple questions.
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 25€

In this reading you can ask as many questions you want or asking for some advice.
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 18€

All appoitments are arranged in advance.
Sessions are attended by video call by Google Meet or Skype.
Payment by Revolut, PayPal or AIB.

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E-mail Reading

if you wish some specific guidance from the Cards these options are great for you!

♥️Aphodite Temple
Reading focused on relationship.
- Whst is he/she thinking about you?
- What to expect of this relationship?
- What are the challenges?
Price: 15€

🦄Gnomus Reading
Reading focused on your professional life, finances, career.
Price: 15€

🐳Undines Reading
Reading focused on you spiritual life.
Price: 15€

🐦Sylphs Reading
Reading focused on your family and friendship life.
Price: 15€

🐊Salamanders Reading
In this reading you can ask random questions.
Price: 15€

⚛️The 4 elements
Reading with and overall analyse of your life and predictions for the next 12 months based on your personal number.
Price: 40€

All e-mail readings are sent within 3 business days.
Payment by Revolut, PayPal or AIB.

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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle

I'm here to help you!

I'm Fernanda, an Intuitive Psychic.
I'm a Holistic Therapist gifted with the mission to help others in their life journey.
I'm an eternal learner into spirituality and esoteric studies. I'm originally from Brazil and based in Ireland where I run my own small business into the holistic area through Tarot and Dowsing and Radionics
I'm a natural sensitive person with african indigenous roots and witch by soul. I was raised in a non religious family and it were essential to make me feel interessed in religions and spirituality itself and then find my own path as a shamanic and wiccan practioner.
In my work I like to use a therapeutic and intuitive approach in order to bring to the client his own self power.

Welcome to my page, I'm very happy to have you here!

Some of my main certificates and qualifications:

🔸BA in Communication
🔸Lenormand Cards
🔸Angels Cards
🔸Quantum Psionic Table
🔸Reiki Level I
🔸Apometry (spiritual treatment)
🔸Sensitive psychic, communication medium, audient and clairvoyant's