~Unplugged life~

An average teenager trying new things out in life!

I wanted to create a blog for the longest time but I didn't know exactly what to make it about. During the pandemic I found out about my real self, what I want to do in life, how I want to live it and therefore I present to you, unplugged life of an average teenager! I'm glad that you're joning me I this journey <3
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~Unplugged life~

Indian small businesses I love!

The joy that a small business sparks is just immaculate! supporting them in any way has been number one on my list since, some of you might not know but I used to run a page which was about supporting small businesses. I used to do promos for free of cost and let me tell you.. The joy at the end of the day was my motivation to work harder! So here I am now writing a blog about some small businesses I came across through that page ;)

kol | online jewelry store

they sell handmade jewelry which is just so adorable + affordable! (Isn't that all everyone want?) . They sell trendy accessories and you should check out their Instagram page (and maybe buy something hehe)

Click here (Instagram)


They sell absolutely stunning jewelry pieces like rings, earrings and etc. which just catches your eyes + the way that their feed is so aesthetic!! You should definitely check their page out!!

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Let me just start with *deep breath* THEY SELL SUCH CUTE CHARMS! For the LONGEST time I couldn't find indie accessories anywhere and when I found this page I squealed with happiness!! You should def check their page out and DEF buy from them (trust me you won't regret it)!!!

Click here (Instagram)


they sell absolutely adorable handmade jewelry! My favorite part about their shop is the way that every jewelry piece is so detailed and made with love! You should def check their page out!

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