Extroverted Introvert

Hey lovely!!
Welcome to my UnRavel Space!

I'm Divine, Diddy/Dee for short. Lol who cares about that right?

Yay! I'm so glad you are reading this anyway and I would like to introduce myself briefly.

I'm sure you noticed my subheading "Extroverted Introvert" yes that is mee. Well, that means I get my energy from my alone time, although I still enjoy interacting with others: Like you! :D

I'm learning to take conscious steps to grow and I would not want that just by myself but with like minds as I.

I am a Christian, interested in the things of God and consciously trying to walk right through His Grace; I can't do that walk on my own tbh! Well that's it for my beliefs and many more I'll share with you. Remember this is your Unravel space too, if you allow it to be.

In Unravel space, this is what you should expect:
♡ Growth stories
♡Christian growth
♡Digital products

I have become very passionate about digital marketing. I tell you it's so interesting, enlightening; it will put on your feet and move you to work. There are so much opportunities online and I'll try to unravel that to you too.

Hold on! You have to open up your mind to the world of possibilities and stop being a doubting Thomas please.
I believe everything starts and ends with God, so expect me to mention God a lot in this Unravel Space ;D

Thanks for reading to this point!!!! I can't wait to hear from you too!!
Whatever you want to share or ask, I'm here to listen and to talk!!