Podcasts and Interviews

Parenting Decolonized

A discussion with Yolanda Williams about decolonizing parenting and education through unschooling.

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Mindful Mama Podcast

Conversation with Hunter Clarke-Fields about love, autonomy, and success.

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The Unschool Files

Iris talks with Meghan about her journey to unschooling, tiger parenting and what it is, cultural overlap, and the emergent practice of self-directed learning while healing from family wounds and seeking co-liberation for all people.

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Simple Families

A conversation with Denaye about the value of being like bamboo instead of like steel, flexible rather than strict and rigid.

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Fare of the Free Child

Conversation with Akilah S. Richards about raising free people as an Asian American

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Asian Provocation

Iris talks about faith deconstruction, unschooling, and peaceful parenting in the context of her Chinese Christian upbringing.

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F*ck Saving Face

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Sage Family

Peaceful parenting and unschooling conversation with Rachel Rainbolt.

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Asians for Mental Health

Interview about deconstructing tiger parenting with Jenny Wang from @asiansformentalhealth on IG.

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Your Parenting Mojo Podcast

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Gentle Parents Unite Podcast

A conversation with Vivek Patel and Sujai Johnston

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The Color of Success Podcast

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Parenting Forward

Decentering Whiteness in Parenting

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Exploring Unschooling with Pam Laricchia

Iris shares about her experiences unschooling in as a Chinese American in China.

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Asian America Podcast

Iris chats with Ken Fong about untigering and unschooling as an Asian American.

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Thoughts on peaceful parenting, intersectional unschooling, anti-oppression, and decolonization from a deconstructing tiger mom

Author and founder of Untigering movement.