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Forget What You Learned

Producer Mel Nichols joins Cory Greenberg for a conversation with Iris Chen, an author and founder of what she calls the “Untigering” movement, which aims to inspire generational and cultural transformation, especially among Asian communities. Iris is also an unschooling mom, which means she allows her children educational freedom, something a lot of families might not understand.

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Yellow Chair Collective: The Podcast

On this episode of Yellow Chair Collective: The Podcast, author and Founder of 'Untigering', Iris Chen discusses removing coercive strategies from parenting and the power of empathy and communication. Writing became a part of her healing process in learning to raise a highly sensitive child while learning to navigate her own emotions.

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Consent-Based Everything

Iris talks with host Fran Liberatore about untigering and fostering non-coercive cultures in her unschooling practice.

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The Fresh Start Family Show

Wendy is joined by her Asian-American cousin Midori to chat with today’s guest Iris Chen about growing up in Tiger Parenting families.

This episode lays the groundwork for rethinking the cultural influences many parents adhere to in parenting vs what we are at choice to do.

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Lunch Lady Podcast

Iris Chen, author of Untigering, shares her awkward, clumsy steps in putting peaceful parenting into practice.  An incredibly inspiring chat about unlearning and relearning what being a parent can look like.  This one will make you feel like you've been to therapy!

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Very Happy Stories Podcast

In this episode, Liza and Iris unpack the healing benefits of Peaceful Parenting, Unschooling and the transformational process involved in healing ourselves through our parenting journeys.

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Out of Line

In this episode Annie and Candis talk Childism and Adultism in parenting, society, and SDE environments with special guest Iris Chen of Untigering. What is adultism? How does it present in society? And how can we support our children through adultist situations?

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Failing Motherhood

In this episode, Iris shares how a workshop about brain science began a long journey to deconstructing everything she thought she knew about parenting, school, and even religion.

We covered...

• how parenting and re-parenting are interconnected
• why she recommends you "Aim to Fail"
• how suffering from "good child syndrome" affected her growing up
• what "a day in the life" of unschooling looks like
• how there's truly no guarantees with any education approach

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The Unschool Space

Iris is Chinese American, as is her husband, so her book addresses the cultural conditioning that she had to shed in order to parent in a way that felt truly coherent to her. Among other things, we talk about how we can go about untangling all our own conditioning, how to hold ourselves with compassion as we do the work, and the healing that naturally arises from the work.

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Honey I’m Homeschooling the Kids podcast

𝘜𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘜𝘯𝘴𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘰𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 & 𝘋𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘚𝘶𝘤𝘤𝘦𝘴𝘴⁣

Iris Chen @untigering joined me on this episode to talk about this unschooling and deconstructing journey we are on. ⁣

Go to the link below to hear more about: ⁣

• What it means to be a recovering Tiger Parent ⁣
• Unschooling, Deschooling & Boundaries⁣
• Being the Children of immigrant parents and finding compassion, empathy, truth while seeking to do better ❤️⁣
•The importance of community⁣

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The Power of the Only Podcast

I discuss the value of “undoing” and deconstructing in this conversation with Angela Chee.

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Peace Talks Radio: Seeking Harmony for Global Asian Immigrants

On this PEACE TALKS RADIO episode, correspondent Sen Zhan explores three perspectives on the nature of intercultural conflict in transcultural Asian immigrants in western countries. When East meets West in the modern-day, it’s not only cultures that can clash, it’s also the past crashing into the present. Asians who have been formed by both cultures know this very well, and are one group among many who navigate the conflicts of transcultural existence. We’ll hear from Chinese-Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Julian Xue, Chinese-American author Iris Chen, and Chinese-Canadian trauma recovery coach Sherry Yuan Hunter.

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What Fresh Hell Podcast

In this episode, Margaret, Amy, and Iris discuss:
• Navigating parenting at the intersection of American and Chinese identities
• The turning point for Iris when she decided to "untiger"
• How we all can practice peaceful parenting in our daily lives

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Radical Learning Talks

Iris shares about how unschooling is deep social justice work, her family’s journey in transitioning to unschooling and how she has shifted from authoritarian to more peaceful parenting. By the end of this episode we hope you will feel as pumped up as we do about your own role in this larger liberation movement!

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Asian Life Coach Collective

In this episode, Iris Chen, the author of Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent shares her story and insights on how she practices peaceful parenting that helps her have better communication and connection with her children.

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Mama Needs a Moment

This interview covers:
• Reparenting and how becoming a parent can be a portal for our own healing
• How culture plays a role in parenting
• How resentment can impact the parent-child relationship
• The need for awareness and being proactive when it comes to our own personal boundaries as a parent
• Viewing gentle parenting as a practice, as opposed to something we have to get exactly right
• How adult expectations may impede our relationship with our child
• Unschooling: what it is, what it could look like in practice, and why you may want to consider it

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The Peaceful Parenting Podcast

I talk with Sarah Rosensweet about how to check our adultism and what to do with parental guilt and shame.

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Exploring Unschooling with Pam Laricchia: Unschooling Seasons

I talk with Pam about how unschooling has changed over the years for us.

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Homeschool Unrefined

Part of the “How We Homeschool” series

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Mother Leader feature article in pstprtm

I share about my postpartum and motherhood experience.

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Happy Asian Woman Podcast

I talk about untigering and unschooling with Alice Chen.

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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Why “Unschooling” Could Be The Right Educational Style For Your Child

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The Whole Modern Parent Podcast

"As I understood more about peaceful parenting and honoring our children, the school system really clashed against my understanding of how to care, respect, and love my children."

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The Way We Parent Podcast

Conversation with Paula Morales McDowell about unschooling and untigering.

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Parenting Decolonized

A discussion with Yolanda Williams about decolonizing parenting and education through unschooling.

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Mindful Mama Podcast

Conversation with Hunter Clarke-Fields about love, autonomy, and success.

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The Unschool Files

Iris talks with Meghan about her journey to unschooling, tiger parenting and what it is, cultural overlap, and the emergent practice of self-directed learning while healing from family wounds and seeking co-liberation for all people.

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Simple Families

A conversation with Denaye about the value of being like bamboo instead of like steel, flexible rather than strict and rigid.

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Fare of the Free Child

Conversation with Akilah S. Richards about raising free people as an Asian American

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Asian Provocation

Iris talks about faith deconstruction, unschooling, and peaceful parenting in the context of her Chinese Christian upbringing.

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F*ck Saving Face

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Sage Family

Peaceful parenting and unschooling conversation with Rachel Rainbolt.

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Asians for Mental Health

Interview about deconstructing tiger parenting with Jenny Wang from @asiansformentalhealth on IG.

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Your Parenting Mojo Podcast

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Gentle Parents Unite Podcast

A conversation with Vivek Patel and Sujai Johnston

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The Color of Success Podcast

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Joyful Courage

Shifting from tiger parenting to peaceful parenting

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Parenting Forward

Decentering Whiteness in Parenting

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Exploring Unschooling with Pam Laricchia

Iris shares about her experiences unschooling in as a Chinese American in China.

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Asian America Podcast

Iris chats with Ken Fong about untigering and unschooling as an Asian American.

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Thoughts on peaceful parenting, intersectional unschooling, anti-oppression, and decolonization from a deconstructing tiger mom

Author and founder of Untigering movement.