Guidance in Claiming Personal Sovereignty through the Release of Limiting Mental and Emotional Patterns

Unite with the Vision of your True Will. Recognize your Will is Indicated within the Excitement You Feel. The Potency of this Will is Realized within the Release of ALL Fear, as the Key to Unlocking and the Actualization of Your Birthright, as your Innate Inspired Expression of All that You Are.

Reclaiming of Energetic Rights

Pointing You Back to Yourself & The Central Themes of Unwinding

•Step by Step Guidance in Releasing Confusion.
•Understanding Fear and Denial as the Key Limiting Factors in our Moment to Moment Presence (where confusion arises).
•Recognizing Fear as a Instinctual Reaction to Unknown.
• Denial may be Seen as a Symptom of Fear, Conceived Through a Lack of Acceptance of the Perceived Unknown.
• Acknowledging the Unknown as the Symbolic Face of Death.
•Our Acceptance of Death Becoming the Relationship we have with Life.
•Support in Identifying Limiting Physical, Mental, and Emotional Patterns.
•Everything is a Choice, Excuses vs Results.
• The Path is Now Always.
•The Time Space Phenomenon, Putting Things Off into the Future. Am I Ready?
•The Constantly Contrasting Mind.
•Returning to Your Own Vision.
• Understanding Excitement as a Compass or Indicator of Your Inspired Vision of Your Innate Will.
•The Place Where the Only Voice is YOURS.
•You Being You is Your Gift of Presence
•Reclaiming Your Birthright as a Sacred Duty of Being.
•Nurturing Simple Ways of Joy.
•The Subtle Language of the Body Spoken in Breathe.
•Remembering Humanity as a Part of Nature.
•Each Part of Nature is Integral to the Whole.
•Invocations of Self Realization.
•The Return of Self Responsibility as the Actualization of Being.

Invocations of Self Realization

Spoken Transmissions Activation

Be not defined by even one prior choice, prior experience, prior feelings, or prior belief. Each moment is new. You are in a state of change each now, and every now there after. Do not bind your mind, your will, your heart, to the past. For it takes your sight of the newness of each and every moment filled with potential. Each one created and dying, or transitioning and becoming right before your very eyes. Speak to your mind tell it no fearful moment may ever be avoided, but can only be seen for what it truly is. Seen through the eyes of truths unbiased fearless nature. When our time comes, it is here. have you known a man who has been spared of fleshly demise? Let us rip away the shackles of our imprisoned mindset held captive in the fear of the unknown. For in the unknown is where fear only lays in wake. Just be as you are, there is nothing else that can be done to bring true peace. Except the voice of your soul, the one that speaks to you in the quiet hours and tells tales of burning fires of inspiration, dreams within dreams, mountain tops. Have you felt the ache of your souls desire to be free and expressed unlimitedly? That is the only way it can be, because it has been formed with no limits eternal like it’s maker. Let that feeling enliven you, as it pours through your veins re-claiming it’s cosmic freedom. Burn with this ecstasy, and allow its fires to be the birth of your becoming. Listen to the voice of your soul, always evoking your most courageous actions. Be willing to hear and respond to its auspicious calls. Have faith, be as you came, You are none other. People the others, may not understand your form of “crazy” and question the validity of your sight. What is truly known, cannot be, by those who do not. We are all interpreting existence, what line we see fit to walk. Do not be defined by another’s interpretation. You are the one who lives with what you feel and do. Know with compassion we are all seeking understanding. So we may learn to allow, so we may recognize are becoming held within our being. So we may feel truly as ourselves. Allow what seeks you. Listen with your heart, for this is where your true voice is hidden. Remember your body and you always breathe deeply. Let the simple things bring you to trust, so you may have faith, in the inevitable path of the unknown, held within each beat of your heart.