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un·wont·ed /ˌənˈwôntəd,ˌənˈwōn(t)əd/ Learn to pronounce adjective unaccustomed or unusual. "there was an unwonted gaiety in her manner" Similar: unusual uncommon unaccustomed

From the creative mind of Pixi at uNwOnteDesigns, I will create a moment for you and your loved ones, caught in still frame for a lifetime of memories .

Love crafted into Art.

Session Includes : 1 to 3 poses and/or themesMany backgrounds and backdrops available. Will also take photos at any location ,within reason, GAS will be INCLUDED in final price,IF SO. Costumes and props ProviDeD but NOT mandatory. Call for FREE consultation and we will, TOGETHER, create your personalized Custom unwOntedesign WALLART, stationaey, Cups and MUGS, jewelry, PANORAMIC WALL CANVAS, storybooks for Kids and Adults, PUZZLES,
Gifts for all Occassions for your whole family.
Prints come  in 4 finishes : matte, pearl, glossy, and cardstock.


Packages and Monthly Specials Available.

Call for appointment. Pricing and theme availability may vary. Prints come with personalized name/date on back, your choice of finish: matte, glossy, pearl, or cardstock. May add personalizations such as scripts (love , blessed, family, etc) collages, brushed boarders additional cost applies

Call (405) 788-8954
Email: pixistyxx7986@gmail.com
Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm

Pkg #1 $180 standard 2 pose w/ free makeover

1 30×40 canvas wall print
1 8×10 photo
2 5×7 aluminum photo tiles
5 5×7 photos
5 4×7 photos
10 4×6 photos
***add personalization for additional $5

Pkg #2. $180 2 poses w/ free personalizations

1 12×36 Panoramic wall canvas
1 8×10 wall tile
2 8×8 photo prints
5 5×7's
5 4×7's
10 4×6's
*******add makeover session for additional $20

Pkg #3. ☆Best Value☆ $200 ****includes makeover and personalizations FREE****

1 your choice 30×40 full photo canvas or 12×36 Pano canvas

1 16×16 Set of 2 wall spread
1 8×10 wall canvas
1 8×11 photo gallery calender

2 8×10 prints
10 5×7's
15 4×7's
20 4×6's


Value pack #1

1. Canvas
1. Table plaque