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What happened to my discount?

We get it - everything you've read says that car pricing is highly suspect. Every dealership can afford a thousand dollar discount on every car right?
While it's true that many dealerships advertise one price online then pile on the fees once you're in the building - Brown's Fairfax Mazda isn't one of those dealerships.

Unfortunately, most of our customers are still determined to see a reduction of $500 or more. Even when our internet price is the lowest by a significant margin! While we certainly applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of our buyers, it does create a disconnect when it comes to budgeting.

Our "Buy Happy Pricing" means that you only pay 1(one) fee. A $749 processing fee. The details regarding the processing fee can be found in the link below.

Along with the sales tax, and license plate fees, we recommend that our buyers be prepared to add approximately $2000 to the vehicle's final cost.

Pro Tip: Don't expect to purchase a vehicle for the "internet price" if you're including your taxes, tags, and processing fees. You're setting yourself up to be very disappointed.

Processing Fee Explanation

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