Urban Acres Horse Rescue

Hello! Welcome to the Urban Acres Horse Rescue website! We are a nonprofit organization, we take in horses that need to be rehabilitated. We have 2 acres of land that we let our horses eat and roam on! We do take donations! We use the donation money to feed the horses and get a better place for the horses to stay on!

Background Information

Down at Urban Acres, we have 10 horses in total, Kyle (F), Katy (F), Drummer (M), Gunner (M), Daisy (F), Buddy (M), Gypsy (F), Bud (M), Sol (M), and Star (F). They all have their own personalities! If you ever come down to Urban Acres, you should bring lots of treats because they never get tired of eating treats! If we aren’t down at Urban Acres, you can still go see the four legged friends we have down there! We feed the horses everyday, and give them the nutritious that they need to stay healthy. We do have a lot of chickens, including geese and ducks. Our barn cat Marco (M), likes to roam around Urban Acres and enjoy the weather in the afternoons!

Volunteer Program

At Urban Acres, you can come down and volunteer to help around and get the barn into a better place! Volunteering is completely optional and is free. When you come and volunteer you get a chance to meet new people, you get to have a connection with the horses, and learn a lot about the animals down at Urban Acres! We usually meet at the barn on Thursday’s and Saturday’s.

Hug A Horse

Down at Urban Acres, we have an event called Hug A Horse. Hug A Horse is always on a Sunday. We are starting it up again on May 16, and it goes all through October (weather permitting). It starts at 12-4 pm! You can come down and bring your friends to enjoy this amazing experience with you! On Hug A Horse you can bring treats for the horses, explore the Urban Acres area, you can make some new friends, brush horses, and even lead around a horse! Even the littles can be able to ride one of our pony’s!