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“Caballero Sin Memoria”

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We are Cristian Allexis & Urbanova

A Latin band originating from Dominican Republic, formed in 2011 and comprised of Cristian Allexis (Singer-songwriter) and Anibal Coronado (musical arranger/bassist).
Cristian Allexis y Urbanova pursues genres such as bachata, bolero and fuson adding touches of pop conveying their music and indulging in the taste of diverse cultures.
Cristian’s baritone voice combined with his creative way to write about romance and poetry gives the band a distinctive style captivating first time listeners instantly.
The band has performed at the most emblematic places in Dominican Republic: Hard Rock Café, Teatro Nacional, Hotel Jaragua, Roraima Park Arena and Centro Olimpico for Festival Presidente in 2017. They have toured the east coast of the US and have performed at various cultural festivals such as Make Music NY and NY Multicultural Fest. In 2019, they offered a concert at the prestigious Joe’s Pub of NY, an iconic institution in which stars such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Bono have performed.
Cristian Allexis y Urbanova’s first album, Reciclando Palabras welcomed many fans with favorites such as “reciclando palabras”, Presumes and Besame Ya’.
In 2019, the band released their second album Tren 4, named honoring NYC’s 4 train since it was always near the places where the boys stayed. Tren 4 has special meaning for the band, produced entirely in NY after months of hard work it has been adopted by the Dominican Community in the US and back in the Dominican Republic. Highlights of the album are: La noche, Si Supieras, Pa que? and Nos hizo falta comprendernos.
In 2020 during the pandemic, the band decides to continue to release new music and give their fans a hope to look forward to. The singles Tan lejos, Definitivamente and Merengue were released and are a demonstration of the versatility of Cristian Allexis y Urbanova to give the best.

2021 now brings Secreto, with flavor and a contagious rhythm to make everyone dance the sexy and energetic bachata. The band proposes with its music to continue to make its way in the US and Latin American countries always honoring their Dominican Republic.

Cristian Allexis y Urbanova

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Nos Hizo Falta Comprendernos

Tan Lejos

Si Supieras


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