All about uriuv !!

!! Read !!

|| hi !! You clicked the link in my bio !! Tysm !! On this little deck card thing I’ll have info all about my account and about me !! If you don’t wish to read anything on that subject just click out and don’t spread hate to me or any of my followers // or on my posts // have a good day!!

On my account, I am an editor. I edit charli !! I use vsf, and try my hardest to use key frames ((most of the time QR code’s atm)) and graphs!!

About me.

I have a Roblox YouTube account I share with my best friend ((we’re working on our first video)) - I’ll link below-
I’m 13, and I go by she/her !!

My fandom story!!

I joined in 2020 on June 14 !! I posted edits on funimate of charli! Me and my friend ((the very friend I have the yt channel with)) wanting to see who would blow up first. She posted avani on her account and I posted, of course, charli !! Months went by and I hit 4K !! I was really proud of myself and let a person join my account !! Everything was fine, until I hit 9k. I started letting more and more people to the account until someone changed the pass and deactivated the account. (( the acc was called charli_mocha._.swirl at first, then went to peachqchar then to carebearchqr to some random name the person who deactivated it changed it to ))

When you dm me, you will get a message that isint from me directly !! I have the business suite thing on, which is why on the message I put it as if your talking to a bot !! The uriuvbot !! The message is personalized by me !! If you send a message wanting to join my account a different personalized message will be sent to you !! I won’t be letting people join this account (( other then the one owner who’s in and doesint post )) because I don’t want to have people deactivating my account like on my previous account !! 💞 ||

My insta: chrvsismine
My alt tiktok ((another fp)): chvrisluv
My main: ((will edit when I’m comfortable to share it))
YouTube: (( bloxyvp ))ur