Meet Uzuri.

Wife/Mother/Lover/ Muse/Nurturer/Creator

Every thing about what I do is to promote empowerment, expression, and celebration of the self. My company, Mayasa. Design House, was born out of a necessity for me to be able to elevate my adoration for my African centered perspective, and the lineage of women throughout the Diaspora and how they have supported and sustained me on my own journey to womanhood and all that entails.

Through adornment, movement, music, visual art, and the power of words written and spoken, I seek to bring beauty to this place by being the love I was created from and for. I walk with the knowing that my creations give life and ARE life. My husband, my children, my family, and my community at large are the fire that fuel my visions.

I create because it must be done, for without it, I cease to exist. I live to be an exquisite reflection of the best of You.

It is my honor to welcome you home to my world of imaginings made manifest, and to Yourself.

With bliss, love and immense gratitude, thank you for being.

Uzuri Asad

Founder/Chief Style Liberation Artist
Mayasa. Design House

Founder/Visionary Director
Ijó Movement

Beauty Guide
Limelife by Alcone

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WaistBliss Custom Waistbeads

Adornments created with loving intention for beautiful You.

WaistBliss is the term I came up with to describe the custom intentionally strung waistbeads I began to create to assist women on their various journeys.

Using my knowledge of earth mineral healing, numerology, color therapy, aromatherapy, and the power of words and affirmations, we create empowered adornments that are meant to support you in the ways you express at the time of your consultation.

WaistBliss has assisted women on journeys through a multitude of experiences where they felt the need to celebrate and reconnect to the feminine self, and grow into a deeper understanding of their own evolution. Their creation comes from a tedious and very dedicated process of honesty, privacy, compassion, and support. No two strands are alike.

I welcome you to book a custom WaistBliss consultation to support you on your beautiful path by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

You are also welcome to peruse my other intentionally created offerings at

I'm ready for my WaistBliss!!