•Nielsen Family•

~ HELLO and Welcome to our Family ! ~

Here You can find more about us, Our Daily Life and Our Work & Businesses!
The purpose of our Blog/website is to share experiences with one another and get to meet more People out there so we can become as one big Family and Share LIFE stories with each-other !
As a New Family we got to know how important is to have someone out there open to share their experiences, so You can help each other through the journey called LIFE ! So You are more than WELCOM to The NIELSEN Fam !

Hope we can be helpful to You as You can be to US ! ✌🏻

More About Me

Get to know ME better !

Hey Guys 👋🏻

For the one that don’t know me
- Hi My name is Vera and for almost half an year my last name is Nielsen .. Yep sorry Guys got a ring on it 💍 & already found my second half of my heart ❤️ .

I am 26y old Bulgarian, - Living in Denmark and currently working as “New Mum” (basically changing diapers all day Long) and gotta admit I Love it ! So that’s why I will start sharing a little more about it and ofc not only about it ! I am also the one (as you might have guessed) that will be generally behind this page and here I will post different stuff for myself and the things I Love and feel to write down about and only FOR ME, MYSELF & I ..

If you are interested stay tune & follow , but if are not Then don’t waste your time on it ( p.s I won’t hate you 😱).

Anyway thanks if you clicked here and read until now and Hope You will find something interesting in Here and Let’s share stuff and be Friends !

More about FILLIP

Get to know FiLLip !

Hello to All !

For the one that haven’t figured out yet from all the Headlines my name is Fillip.

I am a pure Danish Viking and maybe the only one Viking who hates the cold, but still surviving somehow in the cold Homeland. Currently working as a Sales Assistant in Jysk Denmark 🇩🇰 with educational background in Jysk Academy,
Already taken - by my pretty Wife and blessed to say it a very proud Father 👶🏻 !
And all of this has happened to me only in my 23y age .. so let’s keep in touch and follow what will happen in my next 23 years —>


Get to know Baby Boy Matheo !

Hello my name is Matheo !

I am born on 16/10/2019 and according to my Mum and Dad I am the cutest crying Baby Boy 👦🏼 !

Here You can follow my daily Life and more about Me, such as “What I am wearing”, “What I am eating” , “How much I am sleeping”, “Why I am crying” and all of my Baby Life 👶🏻 !

So if You are interested stay tune and Let’s follow my growing process..