Let's get to know eachother a bit better!

Oh, hello there! I'm Brittany. A 24 year old Virtual Assistant born in England, based in Germany. I help individuals on their business journey focus on making the world a better place rather than a to-do list!

A lot of my life has been dedicated to pursuing Eco-conscious living and equality for all. It would be an honour to support like-minded individuals like you in your business journey.

I'm here to allow you to pursue your passion and avoid that inevitable burnout that comes with maintaining an online business. From general admin and social media engagement to content creation, I have your back!

Are you ready to get your time back to focus on the real reason you started up?

Let's talk services!

>> Email Management
>> Calendar Management
>> Customer Correspondence
>> Social Media Engagement
>> Content Graphic Creation
>> Creative Copywriting

& more!

The Packages!

Let's dive in!

20hr/Month Package

>> This Package is great for the daily up keep of general administration. Just takes the top off the load for you and allows you to shake off the stress and get organised!

30hr/Month Package

>> In this package, alongside the general admin being taken care of, there's attention given to the engagement on each of your social media platforms, ensuring you get that well deserved traffic your way!

40hr/Month Package

>> It's ALL taken care of here. You get the benefit of both previous packages but even more! In this package I will have that extra time to dedicate to your content posting and scheduling to build up your much loved community so that you can focus on moving your business forward. Be it an Instagram post or a full blog post, I gotcha back!