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Satisfyer Pro Traveler

🏆 Award-winning International Sexsation💖

Satisfyer Pro Traveller: RM 195

Satisfyer needs no introduction. This Germany brand had received numerous awards and amazing reviews on Amazon. If you want to go premier, this is the brand!

Spoil yourself with next-level intense org@sms with Satisfyer Pro Travel. This compact sized vibe stimulates the clitoris with contactless and tingling pressure waves.

Millions of women worldwide are already enthusiastic users - join them!

💕Compact sized
💕11 pressure wave settings
💕Whisper mode
💕Magnetic USB charging cable included
💕IPX7 Waterproof


Violet Swirl

Violet Swirl is treasure you must have in your toy chest! Bish if you think we lyin, check out the reviews.

With powerful and playful suction that guaranteed a heavenly climax and a gspot vibe if you wanna change things up. You can even use both at the same time, cause its bendable! A++ product design.

Type : Suction + G-Spot
Price : RM135
(Before RM 140)
Feature :
💧 Waterproof
🔥10 sucking modes
🔥10 vibration modes
🌸Dual stimulation (externally and internally)



Choose between solid black or rainbow 🌈 design! Our harness is comfortable and suitable for beginner.

Can be use for an*l and vag!n@l.

Both made from silicone, body-safe material. Limited stocks only!

Price :

Rainbow - RM 100
Black - RM72
Harness - RM 50


Pink Pecker

Pink Pecker is a 3 in 1 external vibrator that stimulates your clitoris through powerful suction, bullet like vibe or unique split tip that provides out of this world orgasm.

It can also be used during foreplay with partners, as the vibrations can give delicious sensation when used on your erogenous zones.

Now : RM 110

Feature : 
🔥8 sucking modes & 8 vibration modes
🌸External stimulation only (2 different head design + 1 suction)
🙊50dB noise(lower than rainfall and birds chirping)
🕦Usage: > 1hr



Berduwa lebih baik 💃💃

We hand-picked this toy because this Wand Vibrator will hit the right spot with it's thrusting movement.

Duwa has 7 different frequencies to bring you or your partner to the edge. It's waterproof and body safe silicone which means you can enjoy some water play 😉

🔌 Rechargeable
🔥 Heating

RM 135


Lip Service

Don't be deceived by the size, Lip Service is a powerful beginner vibrator that is versatile for penetration and cl*toris stimulation. It is also designed to be hidden in plain sight, so there's no need to to worry about that nosy housemate or that annoying sibling.

Price: RM 80

Feature : 
🔥10 vibration modes
🌸External/internal stimulation
🕦Usage: > 1hr


Klasik Pro

For anyone who is looking for something different and unique, Klasik Pro is for you. The rabbit ear is designed to surround your cl*tor*s with intense sensation. You can really feel the flicking of the tongue that can be used for g spot or fun tool for couple's play. Not suitable for beginner.

Type : Rabbit + G-Spot Vibrator


Feature : 
🔥7 vibration modes + 1 lick mode
🌸Dual stimulation (externally and internally)
🙊40dB noise(lower than birds chirping and ticking clock)
🕦Usage: > 1hr


Thrust Me

Trust us, Thrust me is a good choice if you are looking for an internal stimulation. The insertion imitates penetration and the clitoral vibe is designed like a brush for a fun playtime.

Type : Rabbit Vibrator
Now: RM135

Insertion width : 3.6cm (2-3 fingers)

Feature : 
🔥10 vibration modes + 3 thrusting speed
🌸Dual stimulation (externally and internally)
🙊50dB noise(lower than rainfall and birds chirping)
🕦Usage: 2 hours on full charge



.Wav is beginner friendly. It's flexible bending designed to explore the G-Spot with different angles. The special wave design means more stimulation to external areas for intense s*xual pleasure. .Wav is produced by same brand that collaborate with s*x and p*rn*graphy industry in Japan. 💯🔥

Price: RM105

🏭Medical silicone + ABS
💧: IPX6
🔥: 6 vibration modes
🙊40dB noise(lower than birds chirping and ticking clock)
🔌: Rechargeable
📏: 3.6cm girth (2-3 fingers)



Premium Wand Vibrator for you Queens✨

Price: RM 115

Feature : 
💧Waterproof (HEAD ONLY)
🔥5 vibration modes & 6 speed mode
🌸External stimulation only
📏Length - 27.5cm, Head width - 5.5cm



We often get asked what's a good toy for beginner that can be used for both penetration and external stimulation. (Re-)Introducing Index, a cute yellow vibe. The bendy design of the vibrator allows it to stimulate your gspot - it is even called a g-spot master. It can also be used on your clitoris for external stimulation.

The non intimidating size is great for those who are worried about penetration!

Type: Wand/G-spot vibrator

RM 90

Feature :
☝️Finger-like insertion
🙊< 40dB noise(lower than bird chirping and ticking clock)
🔥10 Speed Of Vibration, Pulsation & Escalation



Hands-free orgasm ❤️❤️
Control the vibration through remote control and have fun anywhere by hiding em in your panty.

Type : Remote Control Vibrator
Price : RM 80
Feature :
💧Waterproof (not including controller)
🔥10 vibration modes
📏Up to 10 meter remote distance
🌸External Stimulation
🙊<50db (lower than rainfall and bird chirping)
🔋Remote control - 3VCR2032


Dark Wood

Designed exclusively for an*l use! -

Darkwood is a sexy an*l toy that can be use at different length. The material is safe and comfortable to be used even for beginner.

DARKWOOD offers 10 vibration modes for an adventurous wild night.

Priced at RM 132

💧Waterproof *but don't submerge
🔥 10 vibration frequencies
🔌 Rechargeable (magnetic)
🏭 Silicone + ABS



As wild as a rose, Mawar will give you one hell of a ride with suction option. The suction simulates a massage/sucking stimulation for a quick and strong orgasm.
🔥 7 vibration modes


RM 94!



If experiencing the pleasures of the G-Spot/squirting is your goal, The Goddess is here to help. With multiple functions/modes to play with this toy will definitely be the best tool to explore your gspot or even sex itself. Either alone or with a partner.

RM 235

Features :
💧Waterproof (IP7X)
🔥7 vibration modes + 3 speeds
🔥Heating up to 42 degrees
🌸Dual stimulation (externally and internally)
🙊40dB noise(lower than birds chirping and ticking clock)
🕦Usage: > 1hr
📏5 inches / 3.3cm (2-3 fingers)


Chic' Flick

The 'tongue' is an effective and fun way to give you a licking-good stimulation. Chick Flick is a bendable toy which you can use to play externally, internally or both at the same time!

Price: RM 120

Type : Flick + G-Spot

Feature :
💧 Waterproof
🔥10 flicking modes
🔥10 vibration modes
🌸Dual stimulation (externally and internally)


Jangan Nakal-Nakal Set

Jangan Nakal Nakal set offers high-quality BDSM + special bag.

Set comes with
1 x One pair Wrist Handcuffs
1 x One pair of Ankle Cuffs
1 x Bondage Rope
1 x Whip
1 x Collar and Leash
1 x Ball Gag
1 x Blindfold

RM 140



Be in control with our new Domme restraint


Material: PU leather+nylon
Neck strap length can be adjusted up to 40cm


Klasik Bunny

You can't go wrong with a classic Rabbit Vibrator especially one with soft material and intense vibrations that can stimulates both your gspot and clitoris simultaneously!!

Price : RM 110

Insertion width : 3.5cm (2-3 fingers)
Feature :
🔥Dual stimulation (7 vibration modes)
🙊40dB noise(lower than birds chirping and ticking clock)
🕦Usage: > 1hr


Nyot Nyot

Type: Suction (tongue vibrator)

Now: RM 56

Feature :
👜Easy to travel with
🙊< 40dB noise(lower than bird songs and ticking clock)
🕦Usage 1 hour