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Society has tried to sculpted the “perfect woman” for centuries and it’s time for women to decide that for themselves.Vain Intimates is a clothing company that allows the customer to express their individuality and sexiness through each garment.
With being in a very niche market along with having a size range of XS to 5X it is definitely not cheap. It is however, a small price to pay to help create products to help women feel more comfortable in their bodies.
I am currently looking for an one person/company who will invest $25,000 into the brand. I’m offering 20% of the revenue but also willing to negotiate. 
If you or your company would like to join a brand that wants to make a change within the fashion industry and society please email me at [email protected] I have also attached a link to my business plan!

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While creating Vain I wanted the brand to be for the people. The best way I can get them involved is through donations and small investments!
On I have created a crowdfunding page where you can get involved! Any amount of donation will help! If you would like to go a little bit further I also have reward packages. Click the link to learn more!

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Even purchasing the tape roll helps!

If you are a little unsure about crowdfunding or investing another great way to donate is through my Amazon wish list! All donations are very much appreciated❤️