Maturing In Your Faith

Course and E-workbook

Are you is sick and tired of living in mediocre faith? You don’t want the bare minimum faith any longer. You want to passionately pursue Jesus! You want a faith that is deeply embedded in God’s rich mercy and love! You want to know how to know right and wrong through the eyes of Jesus, not the world! You want to find the word of God pleasant and exciting, not dull and boring! And, at the risk of sounding cliche, you want to be “on fire for God"!

This course is for you!

Maturing In Your Faith is a 6-step guided course to help you discover the stronger, more confident faith you were always meant to have in Christ! In this course you will:

•Learn why it is important to mature your faith
•6 key areas to focus on improving in your faith
•Frequently Asked Questions along the way
•Unit Reflection points to challenge your current thoughts and ideas
•Unit Prayer prompts

Follow along in the workbook, read even more insight into what it takes to mature in your faith, and find space to tackle every reflection point in the course!

This product is currently in pre-order status only. Official launch of Maturing In Your Faith is Monday, October. 25th! Courses and digital workbooks will be emailed out then!


Everyone who pre-orders before October 25th will receive an exclusive private zoom invite to join Valarie as she teaches you about the power behind Truth Boards! What they are, how to create them, and how they are more powerful than your basic "affirmation boards". Use the power of God's word and absolute truth to fight back the lies from the enemy!

Beautifully Enough Mentoring

Are you ready to thrive in your confidence and have true passion in your faith? Are you ready to draw closer to Him and have that intimate relationship with the Lord? Are you tired and done with just going through the motions of a Christian life? Do you need the accountability and community of other Christian women?

Join my private and exclusive mentoring group! This mentoring group is meant to provide Christian women with a community of like-minded, God-fearing women. In Titus 2:3-5, elder women are instructed to teach and mentor the younger women on Godly women behavior, to be "teachers of beautiful things".

"Likewise with the female elders, lead them into lives free from gossip and drunkenness and to be teachers of beautiful things. This will enable them to teach the younger women[c] to love their husbands, to love their children, and to be self-controlled and pure, taking care of their household and being devoted to their husbands. By doing these things the word of God will not be discredited." - Titus 2:3-5 TPT

As mentoring members you receive:
-Access to an exclusive mentoring FB group
-Daily text messages with encouragement & a daily bible study to do
-Weekly Bible study zoom
-Automatic access to my full course "The Beautifully Enough School" found in our FB group. The course teaches the importance of a strong foundation of faith, helps you grow your inner confidence, and leaves you with a deeper and closer relationship with God.

$29 a month / Only 100 spots available each month. Visit Beautifully Enough Mentoring below for details!

“Her gift of teaching enabled me to understand the Word of God like never before, and I’ve been a Christian my entire life! She is so gifted and I love her “real-ness”!” - Jill Jenkins

1-on-1 Christian Coaching

A more intimate coaching option for Christian women

1-on-1 coaching is tailor made to you! We meet one a week for four weeks over zoom and we break down any pain points, struggles and obstacles you’re facing in your faith! Grow a closer, more intimate relationship with God. Hear His voice louder and clearer. Mature your faith. Grow passionate and bold for Jesus! Discover your Kingdom purpose and spiritual gifts!

Coaching is a judgment free zone. What is talked about stays between us and is not recorded unless you request it for you to review it later!

In coaching you will get:
• One hour session per week for 4 weeks
• Biblical Guidance
• Bible Verse “Homework” to read and study weekly
• Each session is tailored to what you are needing that week. All topics are on the table and we will refer to God’s truth in the word for all guidance, answers, etc. It is never my own opinion “pushed” on you but God’s truth.


“I found Valarie on TikTok and watched her posts for some time about her faith. No coincidence, she was sharing ideas that were exactly what I was working on myself but finding myself stuck. I reached out to dive deeper on specific issues I had when it came to being a woman of faith. Valarie was always prepared with scripture and study, and completely present and available to help me understand and deepen my relationship with God. She gave me books and additional scripture to work through on my own to encourage my commitment to the purpose. I can genuinely day Valarie helped set me up to become the woman of Christ I strive to be and feel solid on my relationship with my creator.” - Rachael Edlow

“I met Val on TikTok and shortly after, I found out she had a podcast. Listening to her podcast I really wanted her help to bring me closer to Jesus . Valarie is such a godsend! Literally! She has helped me gain a better understanding of the Bible and how to study it. I had no clue where to begin before our sessions. She helped me build a stronger foundation with Jesus and gave me the building blocks I needed to strengthen my faith. Valarie is very knowledgeable. God has blessed her with a gift of bringing people to Jesus. I couldn’t have done this without her!” - Ashley Wilcox

Text “Coaching” to Valarie at (325) 227-3238 and let’s schedule a free 10 minute consult call to see if coaching is what you need!