My life today

I was doing a separators with paper and makers

Do You know that is important the English?

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Healthy food

Is important eat healthy food
Well in this moment with the Coronavirus is important our health.
So it is advisable eat healthy food and do exercise

Take Care of You body 😃

Face mask it's importance

Is important use it correctly because the virus it is spread by the nose and mounth as it is in the picture

By Vala.gro

Soul won Golden globe

This movie it is not for children since it's mensssage is very deep but the film is still very entertaining for children for this reason this movie won the Golden globe for the Best animated film

The Queen's Gambit

This serie is a Netflix's success since approximately 62 millons the homes wacht this serie. The Queen's Gambit won the Golden globe for the Best tv limited series. If You didn't wacht this series at this time You need wacht it.

By vala gro

Among us losted gamers

At the beginning the year 2020 was a very famous game but with time it lost players said that it became boring. I think it's a good Game, but over time it got a bit boring. What is your opinion?

By vala gro

Tík tok

This application is very famous because its contents are fun, entertaining, interesting, etc. Tík tok is a phenomenon in adolescents and especially in this quarantine.

By Vala gro

New product labels

In 2020 for the Coronavirus being overweight can make the disease worse so the secretary of health remove the dolls from the packages as they think they are eye-catching

What is your opinión?

Die "Cepillín" the clown from México

In our childhood he song for us your songs. In march 8 died this person amazing un the morning your family said that were going to intubate him but hours later confirmed the died.

False information

In this moment with the Coronavirus there are people that believe that this disease is false, because in internet several pages say it's an experiment or something else for this reason you must inform yourself with certified pages and media for this type of thing.

Inform yourself well
By vala gro

Fighters invade Central de Abastospeople l to fight against coronavirus

There are a lot people that believe that this virus is a myth But in the reality ithis virus is real. Well this person that don't use the face mask, the fighters, in the Central de Abastos they disinfect you and put the mask on you. Amazing no? We need people Like that un the world

By vala gro