Hi friend! It’s Valeene! I’m so glad you’re here!!

Let’s change your life together-

A little over a year and a half ago, life looked much different than it does now! I was pregnant with my second daughter, working 55+ hours a week in the restaurant industry, and missing out on so much family time! My husband was working 70+ hours a week as well. We were like passing ships in the night.

I had been following a girl on social media and watching her live a life of complete freedom from working from her cell phone. She was a mom of 2, the same age difference as my little ones will be, and I couldn’t shake the feeling I was seeing her posts for a reason. I remember praying for God to give me a sign, and it was like He said “The answer has been right in front of you!”

I jumped in with both feet and never looked back! I was able to come home to my babies and work on a schedule that I made! My daughters will always have that “present” mom I’ve always dreamed of being and each day I accomplish new goals and set new dreams for my life, dreams I would never have imagined possible before this business!

One girl’s post over and over on my timeline changed my life forever! Five seconds of courage and a leap of faith bought my freedom!

Click the link below to fill out my influencer application and let’s find out together if this could be the solution you’ve been praying for too! 🙌