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Hello everyone ✨

My name is Valencia from Indonesia
I’m currently living in Bali and working in hospitality industry
At the same time, I also expanding my business in beauty and wellness globally 🌏

I love music, baking, and traveling 🧡💛
Let’s connect and know each other better 🌈

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My story

As a hotelier graduate, I move to Bali for my first job. I love my job, living in paradise island, met a lot of amazing people, and I learn a lot along the way.

After almost 5 years, I realize working in this industry for the next 15-20 years it’s not a life that I want.
I couldn’t see myself achieving my dreams.

The financial is really unstable and I missed most the family event because time flexibility is not what this industry can offer you.

I always want to be an entrepreneur one day, I almost give up my dream until I found Globalstars.

Through this business I had chance to be surrounded and met amazing individuals who motivate me to changed my life as I see myself growing into a better person. And most important is I’m able to help others around me to do achieve their dreams and goals.


You are more than welcome to join us!

Our Vision ⚡️
To provide a dynamic platform to self-motivated and inspiring individuals who want to be an entrepreneurs to achieve their dream life.

Our Mission✨
To create young, energetic successful globalstars leaders who are well equipped with dynamic mindset and life skills as a global leader. These leaders are committed to transform people’s dream into reality by living a well balanced lifestyle for themselves and their family

If you are looking for a way out of your 9-5 job or you just need freedom and flexibility in your life, we would love to partner with YOU! Yes, YOU! 💫