Hi y’all, I’m Jessica!

Designer, artist & essential oil enthusiast

When I was first introduced to oils, I was a total skeptic. I had no clue what oils were or how they could ever “help” me, so I put them aside for months! I seriously wish I had just given them a shot so long ago, because now, my entire lifestyle has changed for the better.

In my life, I have been struggling with anxiety, depression, panic disorder, the works. I’ve tried so many different things to feel some sort emotional relief but I felt like I could never catch a break. Now, let me tell you upfront, oils are definitely not a cure all, I still have my bad days but they are far and few between since I have incorporated oils into my daily routines.

This is only just the beginning of my oily journey, but my next step is to extend a helping hand to you! Oils have helped me so much that now, one of my passions is getting the opportunity to share this plant magic with just about everyone I know.

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What are Essential Oils?

So basically plant magic ...

Essential oils are the vital (and aromatic) fluids from plants, shrubs, roots, herbs, flowers, seeds and trees. You can think of them acting like an “immune system” for plants! The oils are essential for keeping the plant alive and healthy. So that’s why essential oils just naturally work with our bodies!


What do they do?

Oils can benefit us in just about every aspect of life. From supporting your emotions, sleep, hormones, immunity, head tension, digestion — to skincare, haircare, replacing harmful cleaning chemicals in your home and even just making your home smell like absolute heaven! And this is just the beginning!


About Young Living

• Young Living is the world leader in essential oils
• They’ve been harvesting and distilling oils for over 20 years
• YL developed a seed to seal for their oils, ensuring the purity from planting the seed to sealing the bottle
• YLEOs are the purest quality you can get! They do not have any additives or synthetic ingredients
• YL owns their own farms and distilleries all around the world
• Not just essential oils! You can also get nontoxic and plant-based home, cleaning, personal care, supplements, and beauty products from YL!

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How to use Young Living Essential oils

Aromatically, Topically, Internally

There are three different ways you can use your Young Living oils!



To breathe in the oils. You can do this by using the diffuser that comes in your starter kit, or you can put a drop or two in your hands, cup them over your nose, and mouth and breathe deeply



Apply the oils directly to your body straight from the bottle or by making custom blended rollers! It’s always recommended you dilute your YLEO with a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil). This also allows the oils to absorb into your skin more quickly without evaporating.



To ingest essential oils by swallowing them. Either in drinks or food, or by filling a vegetable capsule to take them like a vitamin. Not all oils are made to be ingested so please refer to the label for usage instructions. Young Living has a specific “Vitality” line for ingestion, which are very clearly branded with a white label and are Non-GMO verified.

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Getting Started

The most affordable way to get started with Young Living Essential Oils!

The easiest and most cost efficient way to get everything you need is by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit!

This includes:
• 12 YL essential oils
• A diffuser of your choice
• Roller ball fitments (to roll oils directly on your skin)
• 2 YL’s Ningxia Wolfberry supplement samples
• YL’s Thieves Household cleaner sample
• Access to educational materials
• Access to a supportive oily community
• Freebie samples and welcome package from me!

The entire starter kit has a retail value of over $450, yet you get it all for only $165 - that’s such a crazy deal!! Plus, if $165 feels like it’s still pushing it a little, how does $30 a month for 6 months sound? Now that’s a steal!

You + 3 = Free! If you share oils with your friends and family and get 3 people to order a starter kit with you, Young Living will even send you a thank you check for $50 for each person, so heck, you can even get your starter kit paid off immediately!

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How to order your Premium Starter Kit

Just follow these simple steps below!

When you order your starter kit from me, you’ll also be joining a community of amazing people that are here to guide you, insane amounts of educational resources (because trust me, you’ll get obsessed and want to learn it all!), plus a sweet little welcome package from me! I’ll be here to hold your hand and guide you through your oily journey.


Step 1 : Click this link

Click on this photo and sign up as a member to get 24% off of all future orders. This is like a Costco membership, no monthly commitment, and I promise you’ll never be pressured to sell anything! Select the Premium Starter Kit and choose your diffuser.


Step 2 : Join my community

Make sure the number 18815798‬ appears in both the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields. If the number above does not show up, you’ll be added to a random Young Living team and you’ll miss out on all of our exclusive resources!


Step 3: Earn a bonus!

Want your kit to pay for itself? Young Living rewards its wholesale members when they share the kit + one of their friends purchases! I’ll guide you through the process if you’re interested.

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Essential Rewards

Your monthly wellness box + freebies!

Essential Rewards is a customizable monthly wellness subscription box — it’s a completely optional program that you definitely don’t want to miss out on! You have the freedom to choose what comes in your box each month + set your delivery date for a time that works best for you!

Check the little box while purchasing your starter kit and you’ll be automatically enrolled! I strongly recommend using essential rewards. You get 10-20% back in points each month (aka YL store credit), you can purchase products that you would be buying anyways like toothpaste, shampoo, all purpose cleaner + more, and it’ll be conveniently delivered to your front door each month!

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Let’s chat!

I’m an open book! Oils aren’t your thing? Let’s find a way that Young Living fits into your lifestyle.