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I lost my daughters in a car accident in 2004 Alexia and Aliyah ages 6 and 3..so I love connecting with other child loss mamas.. having gone through it with no one to talk to about my grief or anyone who understood was really hard..I want you to know you are not alone in this..I love to share recipes and life tips, home decor, quotes, low tox living..I’m a great listener and I love to laugh and make you laugh.. my family is the most important thing in the world. I’m still learning how to live a cleaner lifestyle. I actually got started using oils when I couldn’t sleep after the girls passed away.. as I started using them more and more I quickly realized how much they would become a part of my daily life for legit everything..my emotional wellness was not good.. I was all over the place, sad, confused and didn’t know where to start to help myself feel better…if you are thinking about getting started but are skeptical, that’s normal I was too. I thought it was all hocus pocus. The products changed my life so much I decided to help others feel better too.. grief never ends but I have hope and a little more self confidence to face each day in this new life...

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