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Hey All !
My name is Vanda , I’m a full time Work From Home Girl.
Since having my first child at the Age of 24 , I have had a passion for Social Retail.
This career has put food on our table, Paid our bills and has taken me to many places around the world for Free. Home Business has been that extra fun money when I was working full time and now IS my full time money :)
I love to be my own boss because truthfully life is too dang short to work for someone else’s Dream! And the Gemini in me hates being told what to do and when !
I’m a small town girl , who just always had a hard time following what I “ Am Supposed To Do “ .
Because it is the way everyone else does it !
I live for what makes me happy and love to bring business opportunity and healthy products to the lives of others.
If you can relate to any of this , I’d love to chat! In the mean time . HAPPY SHOPPING

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