Meet me

- The girl who flips tables.

I'm extraordinarily passionate. Don't let my general problem solving and rational candor fool you. I'll flip tables with the best of them. In fact, its my third favorite thing to do. The first being sitting and feeling with you—whether that's sharing in your overwhelming joy at good news or sitting alongside you weeping with you in your sadness.

Now, with my first favorite and third favorite thing accounted for, you're probably wondering what my second favorite thing is— its helping people. It’s likely why many associate with me being a problem solver and natural leader, and while neither of those is a wrong assessment, it doesn’t get to the heart of why I do it. I do it because I love people. I love them the way Jesus intended us to, to do life with and honor and cherish the sanctity of all persons.

Sometimes that’s going to be sitting and weeping with them so they’re not sad alone, sometimes that’s going to be flipping tables at the injustice of it all. But mostly, its doing life and solving problems alongside each other so we can grow, heal, and live.

The Monat Difference

The simple change that can start your new life

Monat is a brand of luxury vegan haircare, skincare, and now wellness supplements. Its truly clean beauty you can be confident won’t hurt you, your family, or the environment. Moreover, it actually works. It’s patented, small batch clinical testing, and highly concentrated products help fight signs of aging while working with your body to give you your best outward and inward self.

Beautiful on the outside and inside since Monat’s products are designed to go down three layers and heal from the bottom to the top. And in this day in age, isn’t that a good thing? We don’t have the energy for superficial and fake change anymore, we all want real lasting change and Monat promises that or get your money back with a 30 day money back guarantee.

However, all you need is consistency with only Monat products and time implementing them to see the Monat difference. A healthier, more confident you. That sounds good to you, doesn’t it?

There are three ways to join: retail paying full price for products but no commitment to buying again, VIP membership with a one time $19.99 fee and with a 15% discount for life, and as an independent market partner with purchase of a product bundle and access to 30% discounts and the OPPORTUNITY to connect others to quality products as a seller. (No inventory or monthly quotas required).

Message me how you’d like to start!

You have the power to do it.

Make the change that can change your life.