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Hey y’all! I’m Vanessa, but everybody calls me Ness. I’m 21 years old, and I live in the beautiful, mountainous, area of East Tennessee! Having moved to Tennessee, from Northwestern Connecticut, when I was 13, I absolutely fell in love with the endless beauty East Tennessee has to offer. I never really felt like I “fit in”, or that I even had something that was my “thing”, especially because i’ve never had the best health. I had to sit out a lot as a kid, and even now. I quickly came to realize after one adventure after another, that anything nature related is my thing. That spans from mountains, forests, creeks, animals, flowers, and most importantly, natural based products!

Growing up with an auto immune condition was not easy, but trying to balance adult responsibilities with one was even harder. That is until I came across a wonderful ALL NATURAL, VEGAN BASED, CRUELTY FREE beauty and wellness company that not only has the best products I have ever used, but the BEST opportunities as well!!

I now get to enjoy all of the luxury, natural products that I already used AND I am helping people all over the world change their lives for the better! No more harsh chemicals on my hair and skin, no more lost income on sick days, no more “I can’t, I have to work”, no more “the mountains are calling me, but I am stuck inside all day”. NO MORE. Whether you are looking for the perfect “beauty cocktail” or you are looking for a career that offers freedom, pure bliss, and the life you dream of, the opportunities are endless!

I hope you choose YOU, and choose to come along on this adventure with me!