About Vanessa

Welcome Beloved Soul

I am Vanessa Loves, Transformation & Empowerment Guide, Feminine Wisdom Keeper and Liberation Alchemist in service to the One. My work is specialized in the realms of Sensual Embodiment, Sexual Healing and Womb Awakening.
I am also a homeschooling single mother of 2 precious young Kings. 

My mission is to create a new paradigm of women's sexual sovereignty. I help women cultivate an intimate and spiritual relationship with the Earth, their feminine body and their sacred sexuality so they can heal, awaken & restore their innate feminine power and reclaim their wholeness.

I do this work because I come from a very dis-empowered place when it comes to my sexuality and relationship to my body. I come from a lineage of sexually abused women with deeply anchored beliefs of unworthiness and abandonment issues. On my path I have transmuted the pain of childhood sexual abuse, rape, absent father, eating disorder, toxic relationships, birth trauma, body dysmorphia, disconnection from nature, low self worth and fear of intimacy.

I know what it's like to not feel safe in your body, to guard your heart, to carry the heaviness of sexual shame, to feel deeply unworthy no matter how much work you do on yourself, to feel dissociated from your sexuality and unappreciative of your feminine body.
One day, I realized this whole initiation was a divine blessing in disguise to help me understand the deep wounds of the feminine and prepare me to serve other women on their path of healing and awakening. I have then chosen to devote my life to this initiatory journey and I now invite you to join my vortex. 
I strongly believe that every woman has the power to transform herself and feel loving, confident, radiant and orgasmic in every dimension of her life. Feminine embodiment is the way to live a passionate, abundant life in harmony with our heart's desires and the laws of nature as you reconnect to your soul's divine purpose.

My wish is that every women on Earth may awaken their feminine codes of creation and consciously cultivate their sexual energy so WE can fully rise and give birth to the New Paradigm on Earth.
It is my honor to be your guide.
Blessed be,
    Vanessa Loves xx

Sacred Woman

‘’The body of a woman is like a sacred temple. Her womb is a universe on its own, her vagina is a portal into sensual nectar of love, her breasts are the expression of mother nature, selflessly nurturing. When you see a woman’s body for what it is, you will experience intimacy at the deepest level.’’