Loves fashion, nature and laughter. Obsessed with vegan beauty products and helping women monetize their social media.

Mom | Wife | Educator | Beauty + Wellness Dealer | Mentor

California girl livin the dream. Santa Cruz > San Diego > LA > Bay Area. Married to my love - the best husband, father and artist. Raising our two children Cooper (11), and Grace (9). Cooper is the sweetest, most joyful person on the planet, and my personal hero. Grace is wildly creative, full of sass and keeps us all smiling. To complete our little family, we just got a puppy named Holly - and we are all wrapped around her tiny paw.

I am a former fashion exec turned special needs para educator. Passionate about people, vegan beauty products and new businesses. After 20 years in the fast paced world of retail - building and managing teams, scouring the globe for innovative product and delivering results year over year, I realized I wanted more. I was missing so much of my childrens’ lives and yearning for the chance to do something with a greater sense of purpose, and more time for my family.

I left my job in San Francisco and adopted the more traditional role of mom, taking on the day to day pick ups, drop offs, play dates and volunteer work within the community. While I did enjoy the down time and much needed break, something was missing. I found myself incredibly inspired by my son’s team of special education professionals and yearned to incorporate an element of that into my life. The stars aligned and I found the perfect role at an amazing elementary school just minutes from our home. I get to spend my working hours learning from the most amazing community of educators, while supporting the most special kids. The meaning and purpose I find in my day to day role is unmatched by anything I have experienced in my previous career. This work also allows me to have the same schedule as my children, which is another blessing unto itself.

Recently I took the leap out of my comfort zone and launched my beauty business. I am obsessed with these products and what they have done for me, and I thrive on helping others achieve the results they are craving as well. I do this by getting you your best hair and skin, or by helping you earn a second income, on your own terms, in order to get you the life you’ve always dreamed of.