I am a mom of two teens, I am made for MORE and so are you!

I am looking to help people change their lives every single day!

My name is Vanessa Syfert and I was praying for a business to help get me out of a rut, I was told I couldn't work, I was being told that nothing would get better for me, I was sick of people telling me that nothing was going to change! I knew something needed to change, and just wasn't sure what it was. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and knew I had to take action! I was broke, busted, and discusted. I found this business on Facebook through a friend. I realized I had a broken mindset because of the things I was told in a negative environment. I have been through so much health wise 10+surgeries one of which was a brain tumor removed the size of a golf ball. I am also a survivor of cervical cancer. I needed to get out of the negative environment and I refused to accept what I was being told. I showed up to a zoom I so desperately needed, and all I did was cry! That zoom spoke to the core of my being. Now, I can say I have grown and taken my life back! I am learning, growing, I am around a positive envionment, I am helping others do the same. I am helping others reach their goals and I lead an awesome team of amazing people all over the world while making an income from my phone! Now my goal is to help others change their circumstances for the better, to learn and to grow from within themselves. Some join for the mentorship/coaching, or to make an extra income! I love what I do! I also help people save on their travel, and monthly bills! I thank the Lord for this business everyday. We have a lot of fun! You have the power to change your circumstances, and you ARE made for MORE! I am no longer broke, busted, or disgusted. Yes change can be hard, but are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?! If you are let's chat!

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