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From flight-attendant to entrepreneur & full-time student

Hey guys! I know that I’m usually very private on social media but I wanted to open up to you all about who I am & show you more about my business. So let’s starts with the basics I’m 25 years old & I’m a Leo. The last five years I was a flight attendant & I traveled all over the world. It was amazing but after furloughs I decided I wanted something different. I met someone that inspired me to start my own business...& here I am 8 months later!

I started to ask myself “what is something I love & spend way to much money on?”Candles!

I started to do some research and looked up how to make them, what are the best ingredients to use, & how can I make them not only smell good but look amazing. After about 2 months of research I started to buy equipment to get started!
I only had 20 candles to start with in December of 2020. The first batch sold out within 10 days. I was honestly shocked. I had to buy more inventory for the holidays. I’ve sold over 150 candles since I’ve started. In March of 2021 I was recalled back to AA and had to put my candles to the side and focus on work. When I went back I didn’t feel happy, I loved making candles and leaving pieces of happiness in my customers homes. I thought about it a lot and after getting tons of support from my family, my friends & my boyfriend I decided to resign from AA. During furloughs I also re-enrolled into college. I’m officially a student and entrepreneur.
This has been a complete learning experience for me and I hope to inspire you to start your own path!

If you’d like to support my small businesses there’s many ways to do so! Go shopping, start following @illuminesoycandles, share and tag my ig post, & get the word out.

Thank you guys so much for all the love & positivity,

Vanessa M ❣️