Hi there, and welcome to the portfolio of vanilla.irene (a tag name I've had for quite a while now). Based mainly on Instagram, I've been working on designs such as: music video edits, poster designs and the general exploration of graphic design skills - all of which you can see either using the link below or by clicking next!

I like to experiment in my designs, often using different overlays and a range of filters to emphasise some of the details in the images I use. I also like to practice illustration here and there, this is often reflected in some of the designs I post and more so in projects such as the 'Kid A' project I've been working on recently - but you'll be able to judge that a few slides over ~

The moment we've all been waiting for...

... actual posts!!

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    Eyes Wide Open

    Im Nayeon, one of the media's most popular celebrities right now - she's known for her rise to beauty standards and has been known to promote quite a few make up brands, which is why I've chosen to slightly mutilate her face by making it appear as though this photographed image has been torn back to reveal a different form of beauty standards. The title 'Eyes Wide Open' gives reference to both the title of Im Nayeon's ( TWICE) studio album, as well as hinting at the main focus of the design: the renaissance painting covering her eyes.

    Makes sense to me ~

Music Graphics

Kid A

This section focuses on my exploration of music graphics, specifically a 12 week project I have worked through to produce an album cover (or jewel case), booklet, cd design and tray card for Radiohead's studio album 'Kid A'.

You will see through these designs how I have used one consistent colour palette, inspired by the original colour palette of the album.

These designs below have been used as part of the booklet design, inspired by artists such as Peter Bankov (the distortion and covering of the face), Hattie Stewart (illustrative features of the face) and Andrea Rodescu (typography behind photographed images), as well as the incorporation of my own illustrative ideas ~

  1. Everything in it's Right Place

    Everything in it's Right Place

  2. KID A

    KID A

  3. The National Anthem

    The National Anthem

  4. How to Disappear Completely

    How to Disappear Completely

  5. Treefingers


  6. Optimistic


  7. In Limbo

    In Limbo

  8. Idioteque


  9. Morning Bell

    Morning Bell

  10. Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Motion Picture Soundtrack

Zine Project and Developing a Personal Style

Of The Sorrow I Lust

This section places a focus on my exploration of Zine Development, another 12 week project I have worked at to produce my Zine, titled 'Of The Sorrow I Lust'! Featured in this section, I will be explaining the ideas behind my Zine pages and what it is that inspired them! My Zine focus on the story of The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, with each Horsemen having a four page segment in the zine; the Horsemen are Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

  1. Inferno


    Pictured here is one of my designs for the horseman of war, inspired by this sticker my mother had taken a picture of during her holiday to Rome. My own interpretation pictures and rather bloody looking ghost, meant to represent the suffering of innocent people during war battles such as the current goings on in Ukraine. As you can see, my interpretation adds a more exhausted and raw look than the original sticker pictured, this was intentional and adds my personal style to it.

    If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you'll know I'm a huge fan of Amaranthe which is why the lyrics to their song inferno have been included behind the ghost. The lyrics to Inferno hold quite a subtle meaning based around the 5opic of fear and how it is something we should not bow down to. "I am not scared of the things you do, when you go down I go down with you" are perhaps amongst my favourite lyrics featured in the song, linking with my theme to promote the idea that being afraid doesn't have to be a feeling we face alone — that makes sense to me...

  2. The Reckoning

    The Reckoning

    Continuing my them on war, I have recycled one of my drafted designs from our term on CD design, adding colour and a different text to the image. Having had feedback from some students in the A1 Animation class, my design was said to be “so cool” and “awesome” something I think is really positive going into my zine. With this feedback I have strong belief that the war pages will do particularly well during my assessment. “Red tears run down like a river don't close your eyes it won't disappear” are lyrics from the song ‘The Reckoning’ by Within Temptation, as these particular lyrics made me link the actions of war with such words — red tears being blood spilled and the idea that war does not just disappear because you can't see it.

  3. Do or Die

    Do or Die

    As seen in my previous slides, this flower is meant to represent the Horseman of pestilence; as eyes aren't really supposed to grow from flowers, I thought this would be the perfect contrast. After scanning it into my graphics tablet, I have added the colour green to the petals to add a contrast of sorts between the illustration and the lyrics I have added to the design. Here, I added lyrics from the song Do or Die by Amaranthe, as the lyrics reflect the disasters of the changing climate and the changes we as a species should make if we want to stop disease and dramatic climate change. The colour green is a direct link to Pestilence, as if is said that he wore an emerald ring on his finger — a subtle but important detail.

  4. Hunger


    The lyrics included in this design are from the song ‘hunger’ by amaranthe; they represent feelings of pity and regret towards the feelings of hunger and the way ‘the world is burning’. In the imagery of this design, I have sketched out a horse in my physical sketchbook — the horse represents two things. The first is the obvious link to the four Horsemen, mode specifically famine as in the bible passage, he is said to have ridden a black horse (mine is a dark grey so as not to overpower the illustrative details). The second meaning behind this illustration comes from the saying “I'm so hungry I could eat a horse”.

  5. The Horseman of Death

    The Horseman of Death

    this illustration is meant to represent the arrival of Death and his companion Hades — I have inverted and flipped the image to create a double page spread. I have added the wording from death's entry through the lamb from the bible passage, reading: “when the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, "Come." I looked, and behold, a pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth."

    I have added this using Clip Studio Paint, importing the font ‘over the books’ to give it rather raw but effective note to the illustrations — this also acts as a short insight into the descriptions of death and his ‘job’ when entering our world.  I haven't added anything other than a solid colour to the background of this design as I didn't want to draw too much away from the sketch design: I believe it stands by itself quite nicely, and encapsulates the meaning behind it wonderfully.

  6. Deja FU**

    Deja FU**

    This design features lyrics from Blind Channel’s ‘Deja FU**’ of which read ‘Outside we're celebrating, inside we're suffocating’ linking to the idea that although we enjoy the things we get from factory based businesses etc, the damage caused to the environment by these doings affects our lives and our bodies. When looking at this image of a heart from a distance, it may seem healthy and well, but upon a closer inspection we can truly see the grotesque damage done — boils grow on the side of it and stitches hold it together.

Useful Apps

because you can't pull a design out of the air-

Finding the editing apps best suited to you can be difficult, so if you're wanting to try out graphic design for yourself, I've put together a very small slide to help you find something! Of course you don't have to use these specific apps, but hey, can't hurt to try ~

Illustrations! *under construction*

because sticking to photographed edits can be difficult

Ah yes, the illustration side to my work; it's a nice little escape from the dramatics of graphic design. With a few rough sketches and children's book-worthy designs, I find illustration to be a rather chilled side to the world of graphic design! And if some of these aren't really for you, I've included designs inspired by pop artist Hattie Stewart.

I hope you like them ~

  1. Dragon Face I

    Dragon Face I

    This image is part of a series of sketches I have completed using CSP, emphasising the features in red which I think contrasts the soft brush strokes I have used to create the different features on the dragon's face ~

  2. Dragon Face II

    Dragon Face II

  3. Dragon Face III

    Dragon Face III

  4. Dragon with a Firefly (Children's Illustration)

    Dragon with a Firefly (Children's Illustration)

    This illustration comes as part of a small experiment I set for myself - to see if I could create an illustration worthy of something like a children's book or cartoon, I'd like to think I succeeded in doing this and seemed to get a rather positive reaction from the few people I've shown this image to when I first completed it ~

  5. Monster


    This is an image I created as inspired by Hattie Stewart - a pop artist and self proclaimed doodler. It has allowed me to explore the use of software against an existing photograph to create a rather bizzare image by exaggerating and distorting the face of the subject in the photo: it's quite fun actually ~

  6. Alien


    Inspired by Hattie Stewart's own illustration of a photograph distorted into an alien, I have used CSP again to emphasise the facial features such as the eyes and mouth of the person in this photograph, taking on that stereotypical alien look ~

  7. Jieun


    Much like 'Dragon with a Firefly', 'Jieun' is an experimental design inspired by the concept photos Lee Jieun (IU) included in her 'Love Poem' album promotions. Created a while ago, this image allowed me to experiment with the usage of different brush settings and digital patterns in order to create the clothing design and the blending of different colours in features such as the hair and eyes ~

    I mean, I quite like it ~