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About Me

Foxxy Thinking

Welcome to my first ever blogging site! I am super excited to begin taking my passions and interests more seriously; professionalism is everything for any career pathway. If you are curious about me as an individual, the products that made me feel confident enough to become a business woman, or even just browsing for some conversation or thought worthy topics, then this is the right place for you.

My name is Vanity McIntier, I am 19 years old until 8/31/21. I recently gained an independently ran business through MONAT, which stands for Modern Nature. We are cruelty free, leaping bunny certified, vegan, hemp derived luxury product pushers— in other words, we are your environment friendly face wash and shampoo plugs! What better way to take care of your skin/hair and the world than Modern Nature? Take the quiz by clicking the link at the bottom to find out what skin/hair type and regime fits your wants and needs.

To finish summing up my personal life, I am a full-time student at Pitt State, my favorite pastimes are reading, writing, running, riding horseback, and listening to music. Personal development is my game and I’m here to ensure that you can play with me…

Introducing my partner in crime since 4/11/19, she is a lab/pit/husky mix. She is my ESA, her name is Corona La Virus. (That was a joke, her name is only Corona. But after the virus became a thing, I started calling her that in times of “punishment.”) Her and I are the best of friends. We’re something like the Fox and the Hound, I’m the fox and she’s the hound.

Stay foxxy,