The only thing holding you back, is your mindset

Hi there! My name is Vanessa Guy. I’m currently a Market Partner with Monat. Also known by it’s slogan, We are modern nature. We provide vegan skin care, hair care and even more!

The beauty of it all, is the ability to work from my cellphone, for a supportive company, whenever I see fit, since I’m still a full time student. And you could do the same!

My story with Monat began, by searching for hair and skin care products, that would really work for me, at a decent price. I fell in love! Theses products brought so much positive in my life. At that point, I knew I had found my calling, and I started my journey with Monat.

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Monat Skincare Line

Your face is unique, let your skin steal the show

Monat worked hard providing the most innovative formulas and has now a skin care line for every skin types.

Learn more about them, and find your perfect match with theses collections.

There’s a lot more products but let’s start with the basics for a beautiful and healthy looking skin.

Be Gentle

For dry and sensitive skin.
It gently refreshes and hydrates the skin, leaving you looking beautiful radiant.

Be Balanced

For mixed (dry and oily) skin.
This formula has age control benefits. It also helps maintaining a healthier looking complexion. Leaving your skin softer and smoother than ever.

Be Purified

For oily skin, this one is amazing. It will reduce shine without stripping your face and keeping it hydrated. Leaving you with a more matte affect and clear looking skin.

Monat haircare

Washing your hair shouldn’t feel like a task, let’s make it an experience

Monat is offering you multiple formulas, all made out of natural ingredients containing no sulfates silicones or harsh salts.

Vegan based they help your hair and scalp return to its natural state, by cleansing your hair from any toxins it might have.

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We carry multiple formulas all made for different hair goals. Here are some of them.
- Damage Repair Bond Support
- Purifying Vinegar
- Renew
- Volumizing Revive
- Intense Repair
And even more.


Conditioning your hair is really important and it will seal and protect your hair from toxins. Here are some of them.
- Intense Repair
- Smoothing Deep
- Advanced Hydrating
- Super Nourish
- Perfectly Platinum
And more.

Hair Mask

To give your hair a boost, having a hair mask is a must. It will help you achieve your goal quicker. Here are some must have.
- Advanced Hydrating
- Super Moisture
- Replenish
- Hair Transformation
And more.

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VIP & Market Partner

Whether you join us as a VIP or a Market Partner you will have multiple benefits!


Being a VIP comes with 7 benefits!
- 30 days money back guarantee
- The more you spend the more you save!
- Free shipping with orders or 110$ or more
- Customizable products shipments
- 15% off all MONAT products
- Exclusive promotions
- Limited edition Only for you products in every flexship order

Market Partner

Join my team and start making a living on your own conditions!
Benefits from being a market partner are:
- 30 days money back guarantee
- The more you spend the more you save!
- Huge discounts on every products
- Earn 30-40% commissions on retail sales
- Earn 15-20% on VIP sales
- Personal and professional development
- Ability to earn trips
- Ability to earn a Cadillac